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The TGX series meets the very highest Euro 6 standards imposed on national and international heavy long-haul transport. The XXL, XLX and XL driver cabs also leave nothing wanting when it comes to living and driving comfort, as well as ergonomics, value and design.

TGX in long-haul transport
TGX on the building site

MAN TGX EfficientLine2

TGX EfficientLine 2

The MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 consumes again 6.57% less fuel than its predecessor thanks to the consistent improvement of the fuel-saving concept. What's more, all that is achieved with Euro 6. Thus, the environmentally friendly truck is the ideal solution for greater efficiency over long distances.

TGX EfficientLine 2



Efficiency meets performance: The MAN TGX D38 is ideal for demanding transport tasks in international long-distance hauling. But even with heavy loads, the power pack with its low-consumption engines and the powerful engines up to 640 HP is there to provide a feeling of confidence and having everything under control.

TGX D38 in long-haul transport
TGX D38 on the building site



The MAN TGS exemplifies the special requirements imposed in both heavy traction and long-haul transport. The generous range of drive formulae across the board, for 18 to 41 tons, alongside a wealth of intelligent assistance systems, help the TGS overcome all hurdles in its path, whether short- or long-haul.

TGS in long-haul transport
TGS on the building site
TGS in distribution transport



The MAN TGM is acknowledged as a truck of near limitless potential - and for good reason. With models weighing in from 13 to 24 tons and engines offering 250 to 340 horsepower, it sets the standard in medium-heavy traction traffic as well as regional and supra-regional distribution transport.

TGM on the building site
TGM in distribution transport


What contractors value most is the high payload and fuel efficiency, while stand-out driver benefits include the comfort and matchless handling of the MAN TGL series. An unbeatably efficient solution for any distribution transport challenges arising - and constantly reliable, no matter how tight the delivery deadline - because TGL puts reliability first.

TGL on the building site
TGL in distribution transport