MAN TGS on the building site

Euro 6 Common Rail engines

Efficiency needs a strong drive

MAN vehicles with the new Euro 6 exhaust gas technology based on tried-and-tested engine technology, sophisticated components and perfectly coordinated technologies. This is all based on the high-torque six-cylinder engines. In order to achieve the extremely low emissions values, MAN uses Common Rail injection, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particle filters (DPF/CRT). The result: MAN engines in Euro 6 set the standard when it comes to low fuel consumption and are also characterised by very low AdBlue® consumption.

The powertrain: Tailored to all heavy-duty requirements.

  • Six-cylinder D20 and D26 Common Rail diesel engines with up to 480 HP in Euro 6
  • The electronic "TopTorque" torque enhancer function allows the D26 engine's powertrain manager to make 200 Nm more torque available in the two top gears 11 and 12.
  • MAN HydroDrive® selectable front-wheel drive
  • MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic manual gearbox
  • Unrivalled and versatile wheel and drive formulae right up to 8x8 all-wheel-drive trucks

  Displacement Euro 6
D2066 10.5 l  
265 kW (360 HP), 1,800 Nm   X
D2676 12.4 l  
294 kW (400 HP), 1,900 Nm   X
324 kW (440 HP), 2,100 Nm   X
353 kW (480 HP), 2,300 Nm   X

Since the 1st of January 2014, the exhaust-gas standard Euro 6 applies to all newly registered trucks in Europe. To comply with this demanding standard, MAN invested its entire engineering skills in the development of the Euro 6 engines. MAN has already successfully been using the key Common Rail, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction and diesel particle filter (DPF/CRT) technologies for many years in its series production. For Euro 6, MAN has combined these sophisticated technologies and coordinated them perfectly. The result: The Euro 6 versions of MAN engines are also the most consumption-efficient units in the competitive market.

Gearbox – how efficiency gets into gear

With the MAN TGS, you can choose between first-class gearboxes: The manual gearbox with 16 gears and a servo shift system for easier shifting and a shorter shifting distance is available as an Overdrive or Direct Drive version; the MAN ComfortShift is available as an option. Here the clutch can be operated with a button on the gear stick while driving. This means that the gears are shifted efficiently without having to press the clutch pedal. The cruise control remains active during ComfortShift gear changes.

More traction, more flexibility, more payload, more safety. The MAN HydroDrive® creates real added value. The driver simply has to turn the differential lock switch to activate the hydrostatic front-axle drive during travel. The MAN HydroDrive® is ideal for road vehicles occasionally used off-road and for situations in which additional traction is required. The straightforward, robust and maintenance-friendly HydroDrive® technology compares extremely favourably with the conventional rear-axle drive in terms of fuel consumption and weighs just 300 kg more than the classic all-wheel drive.

Improved efficiency: MAN TipMatic® – including off-road driving

The twelve-speed MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic gearbox creates a perfect synthesis of comfort and efficiency. The gearbox can be operated effortlessly either fully automatically or manually using the touch-action lever on the steering wheel. The clutch pedal has been removed and no gear stick is required. The driver is not distracted and can fully concentrate on the road. The kick-down function guarantees optimum ride dynamics.

MAN TipMatic® with cross-country drive mode

The MAN TipMatic® has been specifically designed for use on the building site with its cross-country drive mode. It allows the MAN TGS to drive off-road comfortably in automatic mode. The gear shifting strategy with faster shifting times is key here. The selected gear is engaged for as long as possible to prevent the driver from having to continuously shift gears while driving at virtually the same speed. A higher torque is therefore available on start-up. The faster opening and closing of the clutch also makes it easier to rock free a truck that has become stuck.

The advantages:

  • Optimum traction, a high level of driving stability and safety on slippery roads and rough terrain
  • Permanent or selectable all-wheel drive depending on your individual requirements
  • MAN distributor gearbox with on-road and off-road gears
  • Electronic transfer case and lock management system (VSM) for an optimum off-road driving strategy
  • MAN TipMatic® Offroad with optimum gear shifting strategy for off-road use
  • MAN EasyStart for safe and effortless start-up on hills

MAN TipMatic® 2 with new gearbox functions

The MAN TipMatic® 2 semi-automatic gearbox provides three new fuel-saving gearbox functions for even better efficiency.

Idle Speed Driving enables comfortable driving at idling speed. This function allows the driver to manoeuvre the truck sensitively and with great precision or to "flow" comfortably in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the motorway.

With Speed Shifting the MAN TipMatic® 2 switches faster between the three highest gears 10, 11 and 12. This allows the gearbox to shift down faster on inclines and the tractive power is interrupted for less time. This maintains more momentum and the vehicle uses less fuel.

The EfficientRoll gearbox function saves fuel by fully exploiting slight downhill inclines on rolling sections and is therefore designed for slight downhill stretches of motorway or country roads.

Further information on the MAN TipMatic® 2

A reliable chassis

MAN TGS off-road

Whether configured as a two-, three- or four-axle vehicle, the MAN TGS can take on any job. As such, the TGS can accommodate a large number of front axle loads, leaf/air or full air suspension and various fifth-wheel heights for Euro and high-volume trailers.

MAN offers the TGS with a standard height, with a medium height for good ground clearance, with an all-wheel-drive height and as an ultra-low version with an extremely low top frame edge for high-volume transport.

Arrangement of the components

  • The tried-and-tested SCR technology of the MAN AdBlue® system has been extended with a closed CRT particle filter system for Euro 6.
  • The exhaust silencer (3) accommodates the CRT and SCR system
  • The AdBlue® tank (1) is designed as a single tank and sits on the left-hand side of the vehicle. In the case of semitrailer tractors, it is installed together with the battery box (4) and is well protected under the ladder to the working platform (5).
  • The AdBlue® delivery module (2) is heated.