MAN CLA on the building site

MAN CLA Day Cab external view
MAN CLA Day Cab dimensions

Day Cab

The field-tested Day Cab from the L2000 Evolution and M2000L Evolution series is the optimum cab variant for daily use complete with maximum payload utilisation. At a width of 2204 mm, it offers generous interior space.

Ergonomic seats, an adjustable steering wheel, a clearly laid-out instrument panel, easy-to-reach function switches and, last but not least, good all-round visibility offer drivers great comfort and functionality.

Advantages for the driver:

  • Comfortable place to work
  • Easy-to-reach function switches
  • Good all-round visibility
  • Ergonomic seats
  • Numerous storage compartments

Advantages for the company owner:

  • Low-priced cab for daily use
  • Maximum payload utilisation
  • Comfortable cab increases driver satisfaction

The MAN CLA cab

Good all-round visibility

The cab, which boasts good all-round visibility, ergonomic seats, an adjustable steering wheel, a clearly laid-out instrument panel and easy-to-reach function switches, offers drivers great comfort and functionality.

The MAN CLA steering wheel

Everything in view

This is the principle behind the central instrument cluster. The displays are clearly laid out and provide drivers with all the important information they need. The MAN CLA is available in both right-hand and left-hand drive.

Air conditioning in the MAN CLA

Air conditioning system

The air conditioning system in the MAN CLA creates a pleasant working environment inside the cab, even in hot climates. The air conditioning system also provides comfortable warmth when driving overnight and in colder climes.

Storage compartments in the MAN CLA

Practical storage compartments

The numerous storage compartments in the MAN CLA help keep the cab tidy. The compartments can also be used to house devices such a radio.