MAN TGS WW on the building site

LX cab exterior
LX cab dimensions

LX cab

The LX cab in the MAN TGS WW provides a high level of living comfort, a generous amount of space and a clear view. The driver can make the most of the full standing height in front of the passenger's seat and add an additional bed to the rear area if required. The window behind the B-column provides more daylight in the interior and ensures a better viewing angle to the rear left. The low weight of the cab increases the vehicle's payload.

Advantages for the driver:

  • Full standing height in front of the passenger's seat
  • A generous amount of stowage space for baggage and supplies
  • A clear, all-round view from the driver's seat
  • Comfortable beds for occasional journeys requiring two drivers

Advantages for the company owner:

  • Lower weight cab for a higher payload advantage
  • Favourable aerodynamic drag (fuel consumption) thanks to a narrower front end in connection with corresponding trailers. Flexible use.

TGS WW cabs

More ergonomic than ever

The tried-and-tested construction and heavy-duty cab impresses with a high level of comfort and a convenient, two-step access height. Equipped with a large bed and versatile stowage options, the cab is ideally suited for long-distance use. A second bed is integrated for occasional journeys requiring two drivers.

The window behind the B-column provides more daylight in the interior and ensures a better viewing angle to the rear left.

Multifunction steering wheel

Better ergonomics and more style

The anti-glare displays are easy to understand, while the controls are arranged logically and within easy reach. You will have everything to hand with the multifunction steering wheel fitted as standard. Without having to take your hands off the steering wheel, you can call up vehicle information, answer calls and change the radio settings. The LX cab is the ideal solution for the building site, for tank or silo trucks, as well as for refrigeration, drinks and building materials transport.

: The bed with a slatted frame and cold foam mattress in the LX cab

Sleeping on the go

The day always starts better when you've slept well. The high-quality beds in the MAN TGX EfficientLine with slatted frame and five-zone cold foam mattress promise truckers a good night's sleep. The fabric cover of the replaceable mattress is both washable and breathable. The lower bed measures a comfortable 1.71 square metres and the top bed 1.50 square metres – plenty of space to make yourself at home.

: Cabinets above the windscreen in the LX cab

Everything under one roof

Practical shelving and storage compartments keep the cab tidy. The modular luggage rack above the front windscreen is divided into individual shelves. The open shelves are designed to bear loads of 85 kg each. Larger items can be stored in the illuminated luggage compartment of the LX and L cabs, which can be accessed from both the outside and the inside of the vehicle. There is also storage box, which can only be accessed from the outside, for storing various pieces of equipment.