Series overview


The TGX series consistently sets standards in heavy-duty national and international long-haul transport in Euro 6. It also satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of living and working comfort, as well as ergonomics, value and design with the XXL, XLX and XL cabs.

TGX in long-haul transport
TGX on the building site


Efficiency meets performance: The MAN TGX D38 is ideal for demanding transport tasks in international long-distance hauling. But even with heavy loads, the power pack with its low-consumption engines and the powerful engines up to 640 HP is there to provide a feeling of confidence and having everything under control.

TGX D38 in long-haul transport
TGX D38 on the building site


The MAN TGS is designed for the special requirements of heavy-duty transport. With the various drive formulae for 18 to 41 tons, the TGS masters every challenge.

TGS in long-haul transport
TGS on the building site
TGS in distribution transport


MAN TGM – the truck with numerous possibilities. With an overall weight of 13 to 24 tons and engines from 250 to 340 HP, it is the ideal choice for medium-heavy regional and nationwide distribution transport.

TGM on the building site
TGM in distribution transport


Company owners value its high payload and low fuel consumption, drivers are enthusiastic about its comfort and terrific handling: The TGL is the most efficient solution for all requirements in distribution transport. And because you can't afford breakdowns when you're working with tight delivery deadlines, ultimate reliability is on board with the TGL.

TGL on the building site
TGL in distribution transport