MAN TGX on the building site

  • Dynamic and comfort in the building site
  • MAN HydroDrive® - Traction for more efficiency
  • High loading capacity and a body-friendly chassis

MAN TGX – the large-scale solution for heavy-duty transport

Maximum loading capacity, engine power and off-road capability. The MAN TGX provides exactly the right drive concept for heavy-duty transport. Whether it's configured as a 4x4 HydroDrive or a 6x4 / 8x4 version – you can always rely on this power pack. With engine outputs of up to 471 kW (640 HP*), the TGX provides an unsurpassed output with the best possible consumption values. This heavy-duty truck, designed for a maximum total weight of 41 tons, has the highest loading capacity. Thanks to the wide range of superstructure options, however, the MAN TGX is also the most efficient large-scale alternative for use on the building site.

Even on rough terrain, the TGX series knows how to impress. When the road comes to an end, the MAN HydroDrive® selectable hydrostatic front-axle drive or the double rear-axle drive provides very good traction. This allows the MAN TGX to tackle traction-critical driving situations superbly and travel far beyond the capabilities of trucks that only have rear-wheel drive. A wide range of innovative technologies also provide the necessary safety.

But even the best technology is of little use if the driver cannot relax and concentrate on the matter in hand. The comfortable cabs from MAN take the pressure off the driver, whatever the situation.

Discover the robust off-road characteristics of the MAN TGX and make it do the work for you on the building site.

*only in the heavy-duty range

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