The MAN TGX is the truck for demanding national and international long-haul traffic. Three cabs, the XL, XLX and XXL provide a spacious environment for driving and living.


MAN TGS stands for the special requirements faced in difficult heavy-duty, building-site and short-haul traffic. There is a choice of three compact cabs: M, L and LX.


MAN TGM - the truck with numerous possibilities. At a gross weight of 13 to 26 tons it is the optimum solution for light short-haul and long-haul traffic, as well as for the building site.


The MAN TGL a multitalented machine, suitable for many uses, from urban traffic and distribution traffic to building sites. The "Truck of the Year 2006" impresses in the 7 to 12-ton class.



Neither the vehicle type selected in the configurator nor the illustrations are binding. The vehicle may not be available or may not be the latest model. There may be variations.

Your vendor can inform you upon request about the series and offer you a current vehicle.

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