Technology & competence

More payload due to lightweight construction and high-strength materials

Lightweight construction

Payload-optimised trucks can transport more freight, save fuel and relieve the load on the traffic network. As the permissible gross weight on the road is limited, commercial vehicles with a low unladen weight can carry more freight. An optimised concrete mixer truck is capable of transporting nearly a cubic metre of additional concrete in one load. A light tanker truck can deliver several hundred litres more petrol to a petrol station. More freight can therefore be carried on each individual journey, which means that fewer journeys are necessary overall, which represents a considerable end-of-year saving for company owners in terms of fuel costs. The following applies for payload intensive branches of industry, such as the tank and silo sector: A 150-kilogramme increase in payload corresponds to an additional profit of around 1500 euros per year.

As fewer journeys are required, this also relieves the load on the transportation network. In addition, less energy is expended and less CO2 is released for the same quantity of goods transported.

TGX and TGS: Extremely light semitrailer tractors for long-haul transport

Semitrailer tractor

The engineering approach adopted by MAN in the TGX and TGS series is based consistently on the use of lightweight construction with the aim of achieving a higher payload. MAN offers the lightest vehicles available on the market in their class for long-haul transportation and also for special applications such as tanker semitrailers. With the TGX semitrailer tractors, a new lightweight front and rear suspension is used which reduces the weight by around 80 kg. The reworked front suspension is not only lighter, but it also improves the vehicle handling.

Tank-silo (TS) version of the TGS

The Tank-silo (TS) version of the TGS developed by MAN for payload-intensive transport operations, especially in the tank and silo haulage market, is the lightest semitrailer tractor in its class. The TGS-TS achieves a road-ready unladen weight of well below 6,300 kg when fully refuelled and including the driver, thanks to its weight-optimised equipment features and M cab.

Vehicle category up to 18 tons

In the vehicle category up to 18 tons, MAN Truck & Bus offers vehicles with a significant payload advantage, the TGL and TGM models. The MAN TGL 12.180 has an unladen weight of 5,730 kg, which makes it the lightest vehicle on the market in the 12-ton class. It has a payload advantage of around 400 kg compared to the competition with a similar engine output.

The TGM series 18 tonner

The TGM series 18 tonner offers a higher payload than any other truck in its class thanks to its extremely low unladen weight. The MAN TGM in the 18-ton category has a payload advantage over the nearest competition of up to 1,330 kg.