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MAN trucks for the German Skiing Association

MAN trucks for the German Skiing Association

The German Skiing Association (Deutscher Skiverband) can count on MAN as a reliable partner for commercial vehicles. As part of their partnership, two MAN TGX, each with a semitrailer, are made available to Germany’s national biathlon and cross-country skiing teams as wax trucks and mobile ski workshops.

The trucks offer many advantages compared to common wax containers: mainly on account of the lack of loading time and as regards major health benefits for the technicians. Thanks to an exhaust extractor, the toxic gases created while treating the skis do not escape into the workroom.

Wax truck of the German Skiing Association

Safely through the winter

The wax truck also offers protection against extreme weather conditions. MAN’s auxiliary HydroDrive® ensures that the valuable cargo transported for the German Ski Association will definitely arrive at its destination in good time, wherever it is needed.

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