efficiency meets performance.

Power ratings up to 640 HP and powerful torques from 2,700 to 3,000 Nm

The new D38 in-line six-cylinder engine in the MAN TGX D38 achieves top marks. Be impressed by the exceptionally low fuel consumption, high payload, extreme reliability and long service life. Additionally, the low service costs are noticeable on your balance sheet.

MAN TGX D38 in front of MAN lion
Scroll and discover the TGX D38

MAN EfficientCruise® – the GPS-controlled cruise control

The GPS-controlled cruise control automatically matches your desired speed to the topographic conditions. The system utilises the dynamic change in kinetic energy to overcome terrain features more efficiently. The GPS-controlled EfficientCruise® cruise control is now equipped with MAN EfficientRoll, which enables even the rolling function of the MAN TGX D38 to be controlled intelligently using the GPS preview.

Higher range

  • Lower fuel consumption through taking the topography into account
Traction mode –
the engine does the work
With the engine in neutral,
the vehicle rolls in ‘N’
Traction mode –
the engine does the work
Overrun – the engine ‘drags’, sustained-action breaking system kicks in
With the engine in neutral,
the vehicle rolls in ‘N’
possible driving examples with the EfficientRoll function in the new EfficientCruise® cruise control

MAN TipMatic®

Increase efficiency with the new MAN TipMatic® gearbox: the new gear-shifting programmes and additional transmission functions reduce fuel consumption while significantly increasing driving comfort and safety.

SmartShifting is a further development of the SpeedShifting function. Whereas with SpeedShifting, the MAN TipMatic® features modified the shifting sequence to minimise the time spent shifting between the highest three gears, SmartShifting combines a new quick shift sequence across all gears. This effects, for example, a quicker downshift of the transmission in case of an incline, thus maintaining the momentum and saving the truck fuel.

Shift without loss

  • Fuel efficiency due to SmartShifting and EfficientRoll
  • Convenient moving off and manoeuvring

Continuous braking system

The MAN Exhaust Valve Brake (EVBec) and Turbo EVB engine brake ensure maximum braking capacity. This amounts to 340 kW, and even 600 kW for heavy-duty vehicles.

As opposed to previous exhaust valve brake systems, with the Turbo EVB the exhaust gas valve sits in front of the turbochargers and is therefore able to develop greater counter pressure when braking. In combination with a higher air throughflow when braking, the system achieves a maximum braking capacity of 600 kW a 2,400 rpm.

With the Turbo EVB a large amount of the thermal energy produced when braking in not emitted into the engine cooling system, rather it is discharged directly outwards by the exhaust gas flow.

Maximum braking capacity:

  • With EVBec engine brake
  • With Turbo EVB for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Exhaust gas collector
  • Exhaust gas valves
  • Pneumatic actuator
  • High-pressure turbocharger
Engine brake MAN Exhaust Valve Brake (electronically controlled) & Turbo EVB


The safety systems on the MAN TGX significantly reduce the accident risk. Drivers and other road users are optimally protected, damage to the vehicle and freight as well as repairs are prevented. You profit from short downtimes and higher efficiency in transportation.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

    MAN Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

    The distance to the vehicle in front is often misjudged. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) automatically adapts the distance to the vehicle travelling in front according to the preset settings, thereby significantly reducing the risk of rear-end collisions

  • Lane Guard System (LGS)

    MAN Lane Guard System (LGS)

    The further generation lane guard system (LGS) is a camera-based driver assistance system, which notifies drivers when the vehicle inadvertently crosses the lane marking, prompting them to correct the road position.

  • Emergency Braking Assistant (EBA)

    MAN advanced emergency braking system

    The emergency braking assistant warns the driver when there is a risk of collision with the vehicle in front or a stationary vehicle, and automatically initiates emergency braking when necessary. It thereby helps to prevent, or at least reduce, the seriousness of rear-end collisions.

Short downtimes through:

  • Lower accident risk
  • Less repairs


MAN TGX D38 key and radiator grille
The key in the new design
MAN TGX D38 GPS-controlled cruise control
The GPS-controlled cruise control Efficient Cruise ®
MAN TGX D38 exterior mirror
Mirror caps in matt silver
MAN TGX D38 emblem
The D38 emblem
MAN TGX D38 trim strips
Trim strips metal-eye
MAN TGX D38 rear axle
The very high geared rear axle uses the torque of the MAN top models and saves fuel with high operational smoothness.
MAN TGX D38 radiator protection
Radiator grille in matt silver

TGX D38 brochure

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