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Lifesavers: In Izmir, Turkey, Asli Oskay and her fire service colleagues get to where they are needed quickly, thanks to their ultra-modern fire-fighting vehicles

In this issue of MANmagazine, we introduce the many different areas in which our family of trucks can be used to meet a wide range of customer requirements. We accompany a TGM on a fire-fighting exercise in Izmir, take fuel to filling stations in Indonesia in a TGS, deliver "white goods" in a TGL and transport valuable sports cars to race tracks in a TGX. We also visit the high-tech Polish plant in Września on your behalf where MAN TGE vans are made.

Once again, this issue offers insightful and entertaining features reflecting the identity and dedication of MAN: products and services that not only focus on the needs of customers and the market, but also encapsulate quality, reliability and economic operations.

Additional topics in the truck edition 01/2017:

  • Way ahead: on the road with a long truck
  • Ready for Logistics 4.0? How the RIO platform can open up new opportunities for the transport industry.
  • Timber! MAN ProfiDrive - Professional driver training for the timber industry

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