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Funding program: De-minimis & apprenticeship/in-service training.

The MAN De-minimis scheme helps you capitalise on government funding

Once again in 2018, companies active in goods transport can save up to 33,000 euros and make use of government grants as part of the De-minimis program of the Bundesamt für Güterverkehr (BAG), Germany’s ministry for goods transportation. This helps reinforce safety for road freight involving heavy goods vehicles long term as well as sustainably reducing any environmental pollution to a minimum, by lowering emissions and reducing material consumption. MAN assists such efforts by providing numerous training and equipment programs, to ensure maximum benefit on the part of the various federal government funding measures, to organise its fleet of vehicles even more efficiently and making up to 80% of the expenses thereby incurred eligible for deduction.

An overview of MAN De-minimis 2018:

  • Application process:
    Up to five applications per applicant can be submitted (online only) in the application portal within the application period from January 8 to October 1, 2018.

  • Activity-based maximum subsidy:
    Up to 80% of the expenses open to subsidy.

  • Calculating the maximum subsidy payable:
    Up to 2,000 euros per vehicle, multiplied by the maximum number of permitted heavy goods vehicles – equating to 33,000 euros for each company applying.

  • Implementation of measures:
    From the time of application up to a maximum of five months after receipt of the allocation decision. An application for follow-up funding is also possible.

  • Submission of statement on use of funds:
    The recipient of the funding must present proof that the funds will be used for a suitable purpose (a disposition statement) and do so using electronic means. This proof must be presented no later than two months after the measure is implemented, or within one month of the allocation decision being made by the granting authority, if no other deadline has been set by the allocation decision-making process.

  • Subsidy eligibility:
    Those eligible for subsidies are companies engaged in heavy goods traffic as defined by § 1 Road Traffic Act and which deploy commercial heavy goods vehicles with a maximum authorised weight of at least 7.5 tonnes.

  • Measures eligible for subsidy:
    The objects or expenses eligible for subsidy support are all those which are not required by law, order or comparable regulations (namely obligatory) and ownership of which is confirmed within the appropriation period.

    Up to 50% of the expenses from purchasing, renting and leasing as well as acquisition of replacement low-noise or low rolling-resistance tyres and retreaded tyres, whereby the fixed low-speed stipulations regarding noise levels and rolling resistance do not apply.

    And obligatory expenses to reduce fuel consumption.

You can find the most important changes in 2018 in the guidelines for 2018 or in the FAQ with general questions regarding the BAG grant program.

Eligible range for 2018

The MAN De-minimis funding program provides domestic fleet operators and all others owning or possessing heavy goods vehicles with a comprehensive range of government-funded measures to enhance safety, efficiency and sustainability in heavy goods traffic. Save money and reap the financial advantages by equipping your vehicle with a range of efficiency-boosting systems. In the process, you can also secure up to 80% government subsidies for eligible training and in-service training measures, to bring your driving and loading personnel up to speed with the very latest technical developments.

Vehicle-related measures eligible for subsidy

  • Acquisition of driver-assistance systems (e.g. MAN EfficientCruise®, MAN EfficientRoll, or reversing camera)
  • Purchase, rent, repair, or lease of equipment for driver cab design (e.g. air conditioning, ergonomic seats, auxiliary heating, hands-free system, interior decoration)
  • Expenses for measures taken to avoid theft
  • Additional and extraordinary safety equipment (e.g. axle-load measurement device)

Efficiency-boosting measures eligible for subsidy

  • Communication costs for the operation of electronic data transmission systems (data only)
  • Software for the representation, evaluation, management, and archiving of the digital tachograph (software only)
  • Service fees for the use of MAN ProfiDrive® Connected CoDriver
  • Corporate consulting for customized setup of the MAN TeleMatics evaluation profile
  • Consulting with regard to environmental and safety concerns (not legal or tax consulting costs)
  • Special equipment for increased efficiency of new vehicles (e.g. tires with reduced rolling noise, aerodynamic package, or MAN TipMatic)

Personalised measures eligible for subsidy

  • Safety equipment and work apparel above and beyond the general regulations for drivers and loading personnel as well as clerks (e.g. driver jacket)

Funding program support

In order to provide you with the best possible support in the application process and to ensure optimal grant distribution, MAN is now offering a special training course with answers to all of your questions regarding grant-eligible offers. In this one-day seminar, MAN will guide you through the entire process, from the application stage to the source and disposition statement. Practical examples will be used to demonstrate which vehicle equipment and which apprenticeship and in-service training measures are generally eligible for funding. You will also be told all about the deadlines to be observed.

Improve your knowledge of the BAG funding programs and secure a large amount of financial support.

Course duration 1 day plus breaks, 09:00 to 16:00
Content The legal bases of De-minimis and apprenticeship/in-service training
Changes to the programs compared to previous years
From the application process to the source and disposition statement
Appropriation period and deadlines
De-minimis list for 2018 and vehicle equipment
Calculation examples
Questions and answers
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Location Available across Germany on request
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