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MAN to exhibit at RETTmobil for first time

In its first time hosting a display at the RETTmobil Exhibition in Fulda, Munich-based commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN will be showcasing two emergency medical service vehicles based on the TGE van between 15 and 17 May 2019. As market leaders for fire service vehicles in Germany, MAN will also be showing visitors three fire engines based on its TGL and TGM models.

  • MAN to occupy two booths at RETTmobil
  • MAN TGEs to make débuts as mobile intensive care ambulances at Booth 603 in Hall 6 – in both panel van and box truck body designs
  • MAN TGM modified into “group pumping appliance for rescue operations” and MAN TGL into “medium sized pumping appliance”, both Euro 6-compliant for fire brigades, and a “Logistics vehicle with pump” in Euro 5-version at Booth 93
  • Vans, too, will now benefit from body manufacturing expertise acquired over decades

Fire service vehicles based on MAN’s truck chassis have already been a regular fixture among body manufacturers at RETTmobil for some time. This year at the expo in Fulda, Germany, the commercial vehicle manufacturer from Munich will be setting up two of its own booths in Hall 6 (Booth 603) and in the outdoor area (Booth 93) – a first for the company. Expertise in body manufacturing for fire service vehicles has been a part of life at MAN for decades, a fact that will be a central focus of the exhibits. And this specialist knowledge will now also be applied to smaller emergency service vehicles, such as the patient transport ambulance (“KTW”) and mobile intensive care ambulance (“RTW”).

RETTmobil is Europe’s premier exhibition for rescue and mobility products. Around 540 exhibitors from 20 countries took part in last year’s edition of the annual event, with almost 30,000 visitors showing up at the trade fair halls in Fulda. Alongside the exhibition, the event will include a wide-ranging programme of activities for professionals, including training sessions and workshops. It will be in their vicinity that MAN, for the first time, will be showcasing mobile intensive care ambulance versions of its TGE van in Hall 6 – in one case, with a special panel van body from Ambulanz Mobile; in another, with a box truck body from Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug (WAS). The second exhibit will be located outdoors at Booth 93, where MAN will be presenting its fire engine success stories: the MAN TGL as a “medium sized pumping appliance” (MLF) with a body from Schlingmann, and the MAN TGM as a “group pumping appliance for rescue operations” (HLF 20) with a body from Rosenbauer. Also MAN will be showcasting a Logistics vehicle with pump (LF-Logistik) on MAN TGM with MAN Individual group cab with nine seats. Body from Freytag.

Trade fair début: MAN TGE 5.180 with 8-speed automatic transmission, 177 horsepower and a mobile intensive care ambulance body added by WAS.

MAN TGE for emergency services

Highlights among the equipment on show at the two TGE exhibits will include the powerful engine with 177 hp and the 8-speed automatic transmission – two features that are essential for emergency service transportation. The vehicles are equipped with Emergency Brake Assist as standard – a brand-new feature in this vehicle class, ensuring the safety of the emergency service personnel and patients in extreme situations. In addition, the comprehensive range of driver assistance systems provide support to drivers, making their job easier and allowing them to concentrate on the traffic situation and other road users’ behaviour while at the wheel of the ambulance. A Lane Guard System, Adaptive Cruise Control and high-beam headlight assistant can all optionally be added to the MAN TGEs. The LED main headlights – another optional extra – enhance safety during night-time driving and in conditions of restricted visibility.

The TGE models on display will also feature a climate control system (including an independent air heater, an auxiliary water heater and an electric auxiliary air heater) to ensure that patients and emergency service personnel are always in a comfortable place, whatever the weather. And this is just one example of the almost limitless range of options that makes it possible for every emergency service provider to configure a vehicle to meet their specific needs. This also includes their ability to choose between front-wheel, rear-wheel and the extra-safe all-wheel drive.

Another reason in favour of MAN TGE-based vehicles is the densely-connected European network of service workshops and their understanding of the distinct needs of EMS and fire brigades. This is reflected in extensive opening hours and flexibility to make appointments. In addition to their ability to draw on MAN’s experience with truck bodies, body manufacturers particularly stand to benefit from the customer-specific function device (CSFG for short), which makes it easier to control specific functions of the vehicle’s body. For instance, the CSFG makes it possible to operate the second climate control system, along with its additional function to deactivate the automatic start-stop system for continuous heating or air conditioning.

MAN will be exhibiting a fire engine version of an MAN TGM at the RETTmobil exhibition.

MAN: fire service market leaders

MAN has topped the table for several years when it comes to fire service vehicle registration figures in Germany. The company has also had a highly successful market presence in a number of European countries, with its TGL (gross combination weight: 7.5 to 12 metric tonnes), TGM (12 to 18 tonnes) and TGS (18 tonnes plus) series delivering a huge variety of vehicle body types to help fire-fighters do their job. In addition, Euro 5- and Euro 6-compliant chassis are available from MAN, meaning the commercial vehicle manufacturer can offer products for the Euro 5 certificates of exemption that can be obtained in some German states.

The “MLF” fire engines are based on the MAN TGL 8.180 or TGL 8.220 with a six-man crew cab included as standard. The selection of products from the MAN TGM series for “HLF 20” fire engines is more wide-ranging, with customers free to choose between 4x2 and all-wheel drive, along with chassis for a gross combination weight of 13 to 18 tonnes. Depending on the model, the engine power ratings available are 250 hp, 290 hp and 320 hp (Euro 6) and 340 hp (Euro 5).

One particularly noteworthy piece of equipment among the many available is MAN TipMatic Emergency, an automated manual gearbox that MAN has specially fine-tuned for the needs of fire-fighting missions. This relies on high acceleration and targeted downshifts when decelerating so that the vehicle can move back off quickly after making a turn or crossing an intersection. Alternatively, MAN can offer an Allison torque converter gearbox with a retarder in the Euro 6-compliant MAN TGM.