Circling the globe with Shujaa: a world tour on the wheels of an MAN TGS

Are heavy-duty all-wheel trucks made merely for driving pros or special task forces? Certainly not! Karin and Oliver Gorny are just an ordinary couple. On tour with their MAN TGS, they are seeking to explore the world.

Karin and Oliver Gorny in front of their MAN TGS expedition truck

Who wouldn’t share the vision of travelling around the world just once, whilst exploring unknown countries and encountering other cultures and their people? Karin and Oliver Gorny, who live in the small Bavarian town Herrsching by the Ammersee lake near Munich, are making precisely that dream come true. The couple has scheduled five to seven years for their tour, which should take them through Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America. Throughout their journey, they will rely entirely on their “Shujaa”, an MAN TGS 26.480 BL 6x6 Expedition truck.

Shujaa means “the hero” in Swahili. With its 480 hp, a torque of 2,300 newton metres and a 12-speed automatic reduction gear unit and five differentials, the Gornys’ MAN TGS is eminently prepared for even the most challenging roads or rough terrain during the journey. The fully equipped body designed as living quarters runs 6.65 metres long and provides a high standard of travel comfort. Experienced in special-purpose and customised vehicles, MAN service partner Toni Maurer, in the Swabian municipality of Türkheim, conditioned Shujaa for an enduring road trip.

Yet not only the vehicle is perfectly prepared for the tour – its operators are as well. While Oliver Gorny actually holds a degree in business management, he participated in a mechanics workshop with Hans and Franz Echter to undertake his own maintenance work and smaller repair jobs throughout the journey while far removed from the next MAN service station. In their role as mechanics, the brothers Echter have already accompanied the MAN works team several times during Dakar Rallye races. In addition, the Gornys completed an off-road training offered by MAN ProfiDrive to retain control over their Shujaa in even the most adverse and extreme conditions.

Learn more about Karin and Oliver Gorny and their idea of going on an adventure trip with Shujaa in the video.

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