Full traction in a quarry

Uneven terrain, sand and rock fragments are daily routine for vehicles operating in gravel pits. With HydroDrive®, MAN has been offering a safe system for increased traction on any surface for more than a decade.

MAN trucks with HydroDrive at a gravel pit

With an immense and earth-shattering bang, a 30-metre-tall rock surface collapses after the detonation. A fleet of dumper trucks swiftly sets into motion: routine in the gravel pit of the Bärnreuther+Deuerlein company. Surface conditions in quarries are a big challenge for any truck and the company deploys vehicles with MAN HydroDrive® to ensure that trucks don’t lose their traction on uneven ground.

MAN HydroDrive truck driving in the sand

Unrestricted Traction

For more than a decade, MAN HydroDrive® has combined the advantages of all-wheel drive with the conventional rear-wheel drive of commercial trucks. A vehicle equipped with MAN HydroDrive® weighs almost 500 kilogrammes less than a truck with all-wheel drive, as no transfer gearbox is needed. This results in greater load capacity and agility, with simultaneous fuel reduction. In short: MAN HydroDrive® delivers enhanced efficiency for customers.

The MAN HydroDrive® is deployed as a temporary all-wheel drive on unpaved surfaces – and only when more traction is truly needed. The driver activates the system manually and does so easily through a turn-switch. A hydraulic pump then drives the wheel motors of the front tyres. Once the truck surpasses a speed of 28 kilometres per hour, the system turns off automatically. On paved roads, the MAN HydroDrive® is not needed, as the truck uses its conventional rear-wheel drive – an economical, safe and efficient approach. This combination represents an ideal compromise for anyone requiring all-wheel capabilities at the touch of a button.

How the MAN HydroDrive® works in the quarry of Bärnreuther+Deuerlein:

Images © Max Kratzer

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Whether off-road, on construction sites or smooth roads - you can rely on MAN HydroDrive®. Experience the flexible extra drive in use.

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MAN HydroDrive® is the perfect drive for applications with occasional off-road sections and situations where increased traction at the front axle is required.

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