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MAN eTrucks put to the test

Goods transport that’s more economical, more efficient and more environmentally friendly – with electric trucks. MAN proves this can work with its MAN eTruck project.

Over 200 guests from business, politics and the national and international press were present at the MAN plant in Steyr, Austria on 13 September 2018, as MAN Truck & Bus became the first European commercial-vehicle manufacturer to present their customers with the keys to nine MAN eTrucks. And with that, Joachim Drees, Chairman of the Board of Directors at MAN Truck & Bus AG, and his board colleague Dr Ulrich Dilling, responsible for Production & Logistics, gave the starting signal for intensive trials to be carried out on the electric TGM. In the fleets of Hofer KG, Metro Österreich, Quehenberger Logistics, Rewe Group, Magna Steyr, Schachinger Logistik, Spar Warenhandels KG, Stieglbrauerei and Gebrüder Weiss Transport und Logistik, over the next few months the vehicles will be put through their paces under real-life conditions in specific day-to-day logistics and transport operations.

Moving forward together

The nine companies for which the eTrucks will soon be roaming the streets of Vienna, Salzburg and Graz, are members of the Austrian ‘Council for Sustainable Logistics’ (CNL). The CNL is a Europe-wide and hitherto unique collaboration currently between 18 of Austria’s top logistics, distribution and production companies, whose shared mission it is to make the country’s transport sector even more sustainable.

With the official handover, MAN Truck & Bus set another milestone on the road to the electrification of urban distribution transport, where freedom from emissions and reduced noise pollution are working their way up the agenda. Testing in the everyday logistics of the CNL members underpins MAN’s approach towards developing sustainable logistics solutions in collaboration with its customers and taking into account their practical expertise.

A clean and quiet future

During the handover ceremony, which took place in the production area of the MAN plant for electric trucks in Steyr, Joachim Drees expressed how impressed he was by the joint project with CNL: “The time has come: the first MAN electric trucks are on the streets – and as part of our customers’ everyday operations. From now on they’ll be delivering things like drinks, food or vehicle parts – with zero emissions and practically no noise pollution. The handover of the first eTrucks is a special moment not only for the collaborative project with CNL, but also in the 260-year company history of MAN.”

Good reasons for MAN eTrucks

Sandra Stella, Head of Logistics, Hofer KG

Our mission is to be CO2 neutral

“Climate protection has been an integral part of HOFER’s company philosophy for many years. MAN eTrucks will save us about 40 tonnes of CO2 per year compared to our trucks with conventional drives.”
Sandra Stella, Head of Logistics, HOFER KG – Stockerau Vienna branch

Arno Wohlfahrter, General Director of Metro Österreich – Vienna

Business models must be sustainable

“We have already been supplying caterers in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg using smaller electric vehicles for over a year – quickly, flexibly, sustainably. That’s why we’ve been part of the MAN eTruck project right from the start. Implementing a fully electric truck is the next logical step for our future initiative.”
Arno Wohlfahrter, General Director, Metro Österreich – Vienna

Christian Fürstaller, CEO & Managing Partner Quehenberger Logistics – Strasswalchen, Salzburg

E-mobility is our opportunity for change

“As a family company we have the next generation in mind, and we believe we need to reshape the future of our city logistics, which means going emissions-free and working outside of peak times. We expect that using MAN eTrucks will help us succeed in making this change.”
Christian Fürstaller, CEO & Managing Partner, Quehenberger Logistics – Strasswalchen, Salzburg

Jochen Geisendorfer, Head of the Central Logistics Division at the REWE Group – Wiener Neudorf, Vienna

MAN is the right partner for us

“Rewe is taking part in this project primarily because the subject is very important to us. However, we didn’t want a prototype to do a few test kilometres now and then; we wanted a fully-fledged truck for use in day-to-day business. This is why we went for the Austrian market leader MAN.”
Jochen Geisendorfer, Head of the Central Logistics Division at the REWE Group – Wiener Neudorf, Vienna

Alfons Dachs-Wiesinger, Director of Logistics Services at Magna Steyr – Graz

Our company relies on future technologies

“We see ourselves as trendsetters with corporate responsibility, which is why Magna has committed itself unreservedly to environmentally conscious production. Thanks to the MAN eTruck, now even our plant logistics is taking another step in this direction.”
Alfons Dachs-Wiesinger, Director of Logistics Services, Magna Steyr – Graz

Peter Overkamp, MBA, CFO Schachinger Logistik Holding GmbH – Hörsching, Linz

Electromobility has to be economically viable

“The Schachinger Group has been working with electrically driven vehicles and company cars for some time. With the help of the MAN eTruck, we now want to discover what economical operation in heavy traffic might look like in the future.”
Peter Overkamp, MBA, CFO, Schachinger Logistik Holding GmbH – Hörsching, Linz

Thomas Gerbl, CEO Stieglbrauerei GmbH – Salzburg

Sustainability pays for itself

“We were immediately taken by the MAN eTruck project, because we believe that all good things need a vision in order to be successful. We therefore think and act according to the principle of circular economy. Ultimately, future generations also need variety and for the environment to be intact in order to be able to brew and enjoy the best beer.”
Thomas Gerbl, CEO Stieglbrauerei – Salzburg

Jürgen Bauer, Executive Board for Land Transport at Gebrüder Weiss Transport und Logistik – Lauterach, Bregenz

Profitability and ecology go hand in hand

“We connect East and West Austria with our rail solution and our own wind farm produces more energy than is needed for our entire organisation. As an additional element to sustainable logistics, MAN eTruck now perfectly complements our logistics for the first and last miles.”
Jürgen Bauer, Director, Gebrüder Weiss – Lauterach

Fritz Poppmeier, Executive Board for Expansion and Retail SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels AG – Salzburg

Fine dust pollution affects us all

"SPAR wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050 and has therefore switched the majority of its fleet to Euro 6. We will be testing the MAN eTruck in Graz because the fine dust pollution there is particularly high and the emission-free truck will enable us to take immediate action for the sake of the environment and the population.”
Fritz Poppmeier, Executive Board for Expansion and Retail, SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels AG – Salzburg