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Power under the bonnet

The new MAN flagship, TGX D38, is bursting with strength, yet still efficient. MAN already has decades of competence in developing strong and reliable trucks. A glance at some of the forerunners to the TGX D38.

TGX D38 in the Sierra Nevada

The TGX D38 is MAN´s new flagship. A power pack with 520 to 640 hp that will be available from the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 trade show on. With a new D38 engine, this truck not only has a whole lot of power under its bonnet, but is also truly a miracle in terms of efficiency.

Trucks offering lots of horsepower and train weight represent the premier class in the commercial vehicle sector. They have two main fields of application, namely long-haul transport on the one hand and as heavy-duty or construction vehicles on the other. For long-haul operations, a strong truck needs plenty of horsepower to make speedy progress along the freeways and deal with steep inclines. In the case of heavy loads however, gross train weight is the key factor and on building sites, torque with high pulling power. For many years, MAN engineers have been developing strong and reliable trucks for all applications. The very first forerunner of MAN´s TGX D38, the S1H6, was actually developed almost ninety years ago and had 100 hp based on six cylinders. Today, the 640 hp offered by MAN´s TGX D38 are generated with a displacement of "only" 15.2 liters and six cylinders. This is possible thanks to common-rail injection and two-stage turbocharging.

Original ancestor of all heavy-duty MAN transporters

MAN developed the S1H6, its first tri-axle truck, in 1926. The abbreviated model name stood for six-wheel vehicle (tri-axle) first series, elevated frame with six-cylinder engine. The truck was first presented to the public at the Leipzig Trade Fair in 1928 and in those days, still had a 100 hp gasoline engine. It was the prototype for all subsequent heavy-duty trucks produced by MAN.

S1H6 from MAN

At that time, the S1H6 essentially served to boost the company´s image, even though it was only sold in small numbers in its early days. Series production of the tri-axle truck did not begin until 1930 and the S1H6 first became really famous some time later, thanks to a large D4086 diesel engine. This was followed in 1932/33 by a top engine model offering 150 hp, which became popular on a national scale and was rated the strongest mass-produced diesel truck in the world.

Since this milestone, MAN has constantly worked on producing new top models.

A glance at other power trucks in MAN´s history that were also forerunners of the TGX D38:

MAN 40.400 from the eighties

Power pack for heavy-duty operation

One heavy-duty forerunner of the TGX D38 was the MAN 40.400. It was launched during the first third of the eighties and was driven by a V10 turbo-diesel engine generating 400 hp. The truck had a registered payload of up to forty tons.

Quad-axle off-road truck 48.321 VFAK

Strong off-road truck

In the mid-eighties, MAN launched its new series of D28 engines onto the market, these being used for instance in the 48.321 VFAK, a quad-axle off-road truck. Although this model did not offer as much horsepower as similar MAN vehicles at that time, its high gross train weight and performance in difficult terrain were most impressive.

F90  with 500 hp

Cracking the 500-hp mark

A highlight in the history of heavy trucks - the first MAN truck with 500 hp was the F90 with its ten-cylinder V engine. This model was built from the end of the eighties onwards. The truck shown here had 500 hp and could haul 40 tons.

F2000 from the year 1996

Europe´s strongest mass-produced truck

In 1996, MAN presented the F2000 with a new 600 hp V10 cylinder engine. With its 18.3-liter displacement, it was Europe´s strongest mass-produced truck at the time. The vehicle was designed mainly for long-haul use.

MAN TGA for extreme heavy-duty tasks

Extreme heavy-duty assignments

In the year 2000, MAN launched its next generation of vehicles, namely the TGA. This heavy-truck series included TGA models that were optimized for extreme heavy-duty assignments, being capable of hauling up to 250 tons. To this end, they were fitted with up to 530 hp engines and even a V10 version generating 660 hp.

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