Rescue in red

Towing in snow and ice? Kent Jonsson from the Swedish towing service Årebärgar’n knows no better solution than his blazing red TGM made by MAN.

Towing company owner Kent Jonsson with his red MAN TGM towing truck
The blazing red MAN TGM towing truck recovers a vehicle after an accident

Located in west Sweden’s Jämtland, the winter sport resort Åre is known for its steep slopes and reliable snow conditions during winter months. Thus, the town huddled at the base of the 1,420-metre-high Åreskutan mountain has already served as a venue for Olympic Winter Games three times. Yet what may warm the hearts of skiing enthusiasts, can quickly become disastrous for drivers: Few surfaces roads, minus degree temperatures and merely 4.5 hours of daylight make for busy times at Årebärgar’n, the towing service operated by Kent Jonsson and his sons.

On a single weekend back in the 2010 winter season, Kent and his boys responded a possible record-breaking 180 times to provide start-up assistance and remove stranded and immobilized vehicles from the road. Kent’s expectations on the perfect towing truck therefore were indeed high: “A short wheelbase, not too much total weight and especially a four-wheel drive for optimized road grip and a maximum of braking control.” His choice was an MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 BL, which also is used by the fire department. The experienced towing expert was won over by the technical data.

Ever since his TGM purchase, Father Christmas – as Kent is known among children in the region due to his white bushy beard – has been driving MAN trucks in Åre. For stalled drivers, who may no longer believe in Santa, he is simply a welcomed rescuer as he arrives to help with his blazing red truck.

Images: © Curt Warås

Learn more about Kent Jonsson, his sons and their four-wheel MAN trucks in the video:

Images © Curt Warås

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