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In beverage logistics, efficiency and performance are required characteristics. This is just the right challenge for the TGX D38, which displays all its strengths when transporting bottles. First presented at the IAA 2014 trade fair, the truck is already of successful service. On tour with Wolfgang Müller of Tiger-Trans.

TGX D38 driving on a country road

“My father always used to say you can define a company by its vehicles,” says Udo Hunstiger. Together with his brother Jürgen, the 46-year-old runs the beverage transport company Tiger-Trans in southern Germany. Their vehicle fleet comprises 21 vehicles – all of them powerful workhorses. These attributes are needed, as the Tiger-Trans beverage logistics company generally carries heavy-duty loads. As far as the freight forwarder is concerned, the powerful traction engines are “a real blessing.”

TGX D38 and two forklift trucks in the brewery building of the Meckatz Brewery

Top marks for the new flagship

The company’s latest flagship is a new TGX D38. Wolfgang Müller drives the blazing red 560-hp traction unit. The 47-year-old professional trucker perceives the sophisticated technology of the TGX “as a real benefit for us drivers,” made evident on the country road to the Meckatz Brewery. While en route, the GPS-controlled EfficientCruise cruise control system detects the topography and thus develops a smart gear-changing strategy, with very swift and almost imperceptible shifting action. Müller also describes the torque movement as “simply brilliant”: “Even at maximum load, the machine works primarily in a range from
900 rpm to around 1,300 rpm. This is where the cubic capacity and the two-phase turbocharging make a real difference,” he says appreciatively.

Upon arrival in Meckatz, Müller parks his 16.5-metre-long beverage truck in the delivery hall of the historic brewery building. While the forklift trucks are unloading the cargo, the driver sums up his initial impressions.
“The efficiency of the TGX D38 is absolutely convincing,” he says. “While my old traction unit used an average 37 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres, it now is barely 30 litres. That’s quite a statement.” After roughly 20 minutes, a new cargo of beer occupies the truck’s loading area. Wolfgang Müller starts up the engine and is off once more on the country road. The powerful 40-ton vehicle just hums along and Müller takes a deep breath. “What a glorious day. I couldn’t imagine a more pleasant job than this.”

On tour with the TGX D38: In the video, Wolfgang Müller talks about his daily work routine with the new truck and explains why the TGX D38 makes his professional driver’s life easier.

Images © Christian Grund

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Efficiency meets Performance

The MAN TGX D38 high-performance truck unites power with efficiency for heavy-duty international long-haul transport. With the TGX D38, MAN consistently placed an emphasis on the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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