The first Munich truck

Today the production facilities of MAN Truck & Bus at its main plant in Munich are state-of-the-art. 2015 the 60th jubilee of the plant is celebrated.

Plant Munich 1956

Many people associate MAN with Munich because it has been headquartered there since 1986 but its roots are not in the Bavarian state capital. They are in the Ruhr region, Augsburg, and Nuremberg. It was not until the post-war period that Munich became a key site for MAN.

After the Second World War, its commercial vehicle arm thrived in the Wirtschaftswunder era that followed. The end of the 1950s saw the Nuremberg site stretched to its capacity limits as a result of the great demand. Further expansion in Nuremberg was not possible and so new suitable premises had to be sought.

Flyer Plant Munich 1956

Aero engine plant premises become new site

Following the war, the US Army had set up the “Karlsfeld Ordnance Depot” on the former premises of BMW AG’s aero engine plant in the Allach district of Munich. American military vehicles were maintained and repaired there. This meant that the expertise and staff required to enable and hurry along the setup of a new MAN site were already available. The Executive Board members of M.A.N. at the time, especially Otto Meyer, considered establishment of a site in Munich a good opportunity to expand the commercial vehicle business in the long run and thus to open up significantly better development opportunities for this production area. So M.A.N. bought the premises from BMW for 28 million deutschmarks. Several hundred workers from Munich were trained at the Nuremberg plant without delay and more employees and machines were brought down from Nuremberg. The first truck rolled off the assembly line in the new Munich plant on November 15, 1955. One year later, over 3,000 vehicles had been produced.

Take a look at the Munich plant’s beginnings in pictures:

Plant Nuremberg

MAN trucks were built in Nuremberg until the plant in Munich was opened.

Signing of the agreement

On April 28, 1955, the agreement between BMW and MAN was signed.

The first truck in the Munich plant

The 515 L1 to start: The first truck in the new Munich plant was built on November 15, 1955.

Munich plant ca. 1957

During the first few years, the production facilities covered 135,000 m² and had around 850 machine tools.

Munich Plant in 1960

The entrance to the plant in the 1960s: a loose gravel road with a barrier and wire netting fence.

The 100,000 th truck produced in the Munich plant.

Ten years on in 1965, the Munich plant had already produced the 100,000 th truck and annual production had increased to 14,000 vehicles.

Pictures MAN Truck & Bus AG Historisches Archiv

Production at the Munich plant

The truck production facilities in Munich today: it is primarily the heavy-duty series that are produced here.

Several 10,000 trucks are produced at the main plant in Munich these days. In addition to production of the TGS and TGX heavy truck series, driver’s cabs, and drive axles, Munich is also home to the headquarters of MAN Truck & Bus. In 2013, the first trucks with the new Euro 6 engines rolled off the assembly line – the new generation of trucks at MAN.

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