The journey of the king crabs

The crabs make their 1800-kilometre odyssey from the north of Norway all the way to Oslo in a purpose-built MAN TGX.

The transport company Leif Skjønhaug AS brings king crabs from northern Norway to Oslo in an MAN TGX with a special cooling system.

A special hotel just for crabs? It might sound far-fetched, but it’s a very real place that exists just outside of Oslo. Here, its crustacean visitors wait for the next stage of their journey – being flown to gourmet restaurants all around the world. But more on that later. The king crabs, which can weigh in at up to ten kilograms each, are caught in Finmark and loaded onto a truck in Bugøynes. They have a long journey ahead of them, clocking up some 1800 kilometres in 30 hours as they travel from the north of Norway through Sweden and on to Oslo. In order to make this journey possible, the transport company Leif Skjønhaug AS purchased a new MAN TGX that was custom-built for this very mission. The truck has a special cooling system known as a carrier aggregate.

The crab hotel: the key to international transport

Over the last few years, Leif Skjønhaug AS has become a leading expert on transporting seafood. In the process, MAN has gained another happy customer in managing director Bjørn Engebretsen. What makes this 30-hour journey unique is that the drivers have to swap over three times, as each one can only spend a maximum of nine hours a day behind the wheel. After all, there’s no time to lose when transporting live cargo to the crab hotel in Oslo. It’s crucial that things move fast. The catch areas are a long way from Oslo and difficult to reach by plane. The hotel provides its marine guests with shelter for a short while before they are flown to destinations all over the world, including Singapore, Dubai and Los Angeles. The crystal-clear waters of the crab hotel can accommodate more than 20 tonnes of king crabs, making it possible to send this crustacean cargo all over the world all year round.

Watch the video to discover more about the journey of the king crabs:

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