The people behind the TGX D38 - Josef Kellerer

The TGX D38 is MAN’s new flagship. Many MAN employees poured all their skills and passion into developing the new truck. We introduce you to a few of them.

MAN employees in Granada

Pride – that is the word that best describes what ties many employees to the TGX D38. The new top-of-the range truck model is taking center stage at MAN’s trade fair appearance at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014. The new flagship adds horsepower of 520, 560, and 640 to MAN’s range. The top model offers a customized driveline with numerous new efficiency functions. At its center is the newly developed D38 six-cylinder in-line engine with 15.2 l displacement. This engine stands for superior power and gives the TGX D38 maximum torque for all needs – without breaking any horsepower records. When it comes to this vehicle, the MAN engineers instead concentrated their efforts on reliability, efficiency, and lower operating costs.

But how much work goes into a vehicle like this? And who are the people behind the product? At MAN, several teams worked on developing the new vehicle over a few years. From development of the engine through launch of the truck – many MAN employees poured all their skills and passion into developing the new truck. That is reason enough to speak to some of them and show the team’s work. What ties them to the new vehicle? What role did their team play?

A short interview with the people behind the TGX:

Josef Kellerer

Josef Kellerer
Project Manager for the TGX D38 Market Launch at MAN Truck & Bus

What does the TGX D38 conjure up for you?

I´ve been working on its market launch for over a year and am really enjoying it. I´m incredibly proud of our new top-of-the-range truck - it´s the perfect banner for our engineering skills.

What was your team´s contribution to the vehicle?

We´re managing the market launch of the TGX D38. This includes many different aspects, such as sales training, the start of the production and developing a communications strategy, along with the relevant schedule of key activities. Our work is incredibly varied, we´re busy with the TGX D38 right round the clock. In this situation, you build up a very special relationship with the product.

What´s so special about the new TGX D38?

It has a real lot of power, yet is still very efficient. It´s predestined for demanding transport assignments. Drivers will certainly have lots of fun with it. And vehicle fleet managers will also take it into their hearts in view of the low total cost of ownership.

The TGX D38 on tour in Spain’s Sierra Nevada

Two MAN TGX D38s driving on a windy test route in Spain.
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