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Uncharted territory for the professional

Five countries, eight days, 5,271 kilometers: To present its new MAN TGX EfficientLine 2, MAN sent the new truck and its predecessor model on a comparative test drive across Europe. A real professional was seated behind the new truck’s steering wheel: Willibald Pfeffer, a team leader and trainer at MAN ProfiDrive®.

MAN TGX EfficientLine 2

From Munich to Hanover, yet not via the most direct route, but rather through Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Belgium as well. This journey served to impressively highlight the efficiency of the new MAN TGX EfficientLine 2. For the result of the topographically challenging trial was outstanding: fuel savings of 6.57% as compared with the predecessor model. “While the EfficientLine of the first generation is already very economical, the new model again saves notable amounts of fuel,” summarises MAN ProfiDrive® trainer Willibald Pfeffer, who was behind the steering wheel of the vehicle for the test drive.

MAN ProfiDrive® Trainer Willibald Pfeffer

Man for special missions

The test drive with the two EfficientLine models was just the right assignment for a man like Willibald Pfeffer, who is an expert in the safe and economical handling of trucks. Pfeffer is the perfect candidate for special missions at “MAN ProfiDrive®”, MAN’s centre for training and further qualification of professional truck drivers. As qualified motor traffic master, he has been working for MAN for 20 years. Previously a dispatcher for the entire driving instruction department, he now heads the events team. Pfeffer is responsible for special training jobs and organises the training courses for the 1,200-person MAN sales staff throughout Europe, for example. He is also involved with Trucknology Days, when MAN customers and truck fans have the opportunity of driving or being chauffeured on MAN’s own test circuit in 70 to 80 different models, ranging from off-road dumper trucks to heavy trucks.
These events also offer visitors the opportunity to experience first-hand the qualities of the new economical MAN TGX EfficientLine 2.

Customers from all over the world

Now 60 years of age, Willibald Pfeffer once worked as a driving instructor for the German army. In the mid-1990s, he was the first freelancer at MAN ProfiDrive®, which had just three employees at the time. Since then, MAN’s driving instruction department has grown continuously, and in Germany alone, MAN ProfiDrive® now has more than 50 full-time and freelance employees, while organising training workshops all over Europe. Professional truckers from around the world come to Munich for advanced training. Pfeffer travels a lot, both within Germany and abroad. One of his assignments was on Cyprus, for example, where he trained police and fire brigade staff in the off-road handling of 4x4 fire-extinguishing vehicles. The participants were initially doubtful whether he could teach them anything new – yet when the fleet manager drove a truck into a ditch and got stuck, Pfeffer helped him out: After just a couple of manoeuvres forward and back, the off-roader was out of the ditch and the sceptics were duly impressed. From Pfeffer’s point of view, other than the right personal approach it is all a matter of technology: “When all-wheel drive and differential locks are utilised properly, it is possible to get out of almost anything.”
And the gratitude of his training participants is his main source of motivation.

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