Those working in today's transport business are operating on difficult terrain.

Know what we mean?




Your job takes you off the tarmac and on to unsurfaced roads. With empty loads, wheel spin is often a problem. That costs you: More petrol. More time ... and is stressful.




It's even more annoying and expensive when your truck gets stuck in mud and the breakdown service has to come. Nothing's going anywhere fast for a few hours - other than your pulse.




The mountains are calling but you are going nowhere. Even on moderate slopes, a gravel road becomes a mammoth undertaking. Time is lost while your truck struggles. You really don't need that!


Trouble with traction?

More traction?
At the turn of a switch.

Engage MAN HydroDrive®.

MAN HydroDrive®


MAN HydroDrive switch







MAN HydroDrive®
on unsurfaced and slippery roads. on slopes and hilly routes. Braking on downward gradients. Tip & Go.

MAN HydroDrive (stage 1)

Your vehicle needs more traction. Engage MAN HydroDrive®.

Normal drive is not sufficient for this terrain. Engage the differential lock in addition to MAN HydroDrive®.

Back on tarmac? The extra drive switches itself off when the vehicle reaches a speed of approximately 30 km/h!

More traction instantly!

MAN HydroDrive® is ideal for conditions in which more traction is needed temporarily on the front axle.

With torque of up to 14,580 Nm, the additional drive provides noticeably more directional stability. Complete operations with no problem in gravel pits, on construction sites, on tracks across forests and fields as well as on softened or slippery ground.

Fast extra power on slopes!

MAN HydroDrive® combined with the differential lock is your backup for routes with particularly mountainous topography. The hydrostatic drive provides significantly more traction even on slopes with loose road surfaces.

In traction critical situations, a turn of a rotary switch is all you need to give you optimal drive, in forward gears as well as reverse.

Efficient braking - without fail!

Downhill, MAN HydroDrive® with continuous brake engaged also acts on the front axle and thus stabilises the vehicle. Increased safety for you. Less wear on your brakes. And in combination with the MAN PriTarder®, a wear free additional brake which acts directly on the engine, MAN HydroDrive® always has the highest braking force available.

The drive which thinks for itself!

MAN HydroDrive® switches off automatically as soon as a speed of approx. 30 km/h is reached. If the speed drops below 22 km/h, the hydrostatic drive automatically switches back on. A check lamp in the driver's display shows when the MAN HydroDrive® is activated.

MAN HydroDrive®
Efficiency in every component.

MAN HydroDrive chassis

MAN HydroDrive® is an additional hydrostatic drive for more traction and flexibility.

With simultaneously low fuel consumption and high payload, your vehicle copes easily when used in places which would not be possible with a pure rear-wheel drive. You save valuable time as well as cash.

Power take-off with clutch for pump connection

Engage MAN HydroDrive® by simply using the rotary switch. The power take-off with integrated clutch for the hydraulic pump activates itself without delay - when travelling and under load.

Tank and radiator in the frame

In contrast to most commercial vehicle manufacturers, MAN installs the hydraulic tank and oil cooler in the frame. The advantages: No problems with space on the frame and no restriction with side trim - a major advantage particularly for vehicles with Euro 6!

Hydraulic pump with control valve block & hydraulic oil cooler with separate fan

The power take-off activates the hydraulic high pressure pump flanged on the gearbox output. An intelligent system regulates the pressure via a control valve block and supplies this at 420 bar to the wheel hub motors.

Cylinder torque in the wheel hub motors

The rotary motion of the wheel hub motors is created through pressure being applied to some of the cylinders, while simultaneously, the oil can flow from the remaining cylinders. The oil moves the pistons outwards in the cylinders which are under pressure. The piston rollers rest against the cam ring and torque of 14,580 Nm is produced which drives the front wheels.

MAN HydroDrive PTO
More traction instantly.
MAN HydroDrive extra drive
The extra drive has been installed with a real focus on space-saving ensuring that no valuable installation space is lost on the frame of the body.
MAN HydroDrive cylinder
The wear on the MAN HydroDrive® components is particularly low because - in contrast to conventional all-wheel drive - no friction is generated.

MAN HydroDrive®
Three benefits which pay off.


MAN HydroDrive® weighs up to 400 kg less compared to all-wheel drive. Vehicles can therefore transport a greater payload.

This means MAN is increasing the range of uses for road vehicles, making it unnecessary for some vehicle operators to purchase an additional truck with all-wheel drive transmission.


MAN HydroDrive® is built seamlessly within the vehicle frame.

This is a major benefit for body manufacturers in particular. The intelligent lightweight construction saves on fuel - and does so everyday. These are savings which add up and impact positively on total operating costs.


The hydraulic pump and wheel motors generate no friction. In contrast, with the all-wheel drive, the transmission elements of the front-axle drive continue to turn, even when they are switched off.

The hydrostatic drive scores well in terms of maintenance and wear.

MAN HydroDrive®
10 years of MAN HydroDrive®. Technology which drives.

MAN was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to introduce the hydrostatic drive in the truck as early as 2005.

One of the first to trial the MAN HydroDrive® was Koller Transporte-Kies-Erdbau. Today the team do not want to complete any of their demanding operations in gravel pits and on construction sites without it.

MAN HydroDrive®
10 years of MAN HydroDrive®. Technology which drives.

My MAN with HydroDrive® is the best vehicle I have driven in thirty years as a driver. Things would grind to a halt two or three times a day without the HydroDrive®. When it rains in our area of operation, almost everything would come to a standstill without the system.“

Rudolf Reumann,
truck driver

MAN HydroDrive®
10 years of MAN HydroDrive®. Technology which drives.

We have had only positive experiences with MAN HydroDrive®. We have been able to reduce wear and fuel consumption and utilize the additional benefit of the higher payloads compared to the all-wheel drive or 6x4 variants.“

Günther Mayer,
authorised company officer




MAN HydroDrive®
Our experts are happy to advise.

We are always prepared to demonstrate a MAN HydroDrive® vehicle to you and to explain the system and the technology.

MAN HydroDrive®
At a glance.

See MAN HydroDrive® in operation. Detailed information is available here in our product brochure.

MAN HydroDrive brochure MAN HydroDrive®
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