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Less becomes more. Little outlay brings great benefit. MAN’s range of services help you reduce the outlay invested in maintenance, repair and management of individual vehicles or entire fleets, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency. We combine future-oriented digital services into a comprehensive range which makes the day-to-day running of transport and logistics operations easier, more organised and thus significantly more efficient. Cause leads to effect – it is that simple.


Anyone who chooses MAN is entitled to maximum quality. MAN Genuine Parts provide exactly that, perfectly tailored to your MAN. Don't be satisfied with anything less.

MAN Genuine Parts

We guarantee: First-class quality for first-class work.

MAN Genuine Parts stand for supreme quality and the highest safety level. We guarantee that MAN Genuine Parts are manufactured according to MAN guidelines, conform to the latest state-of-the-art technology and to the highest quality standards. This is why we can offer a two-year warranty on all MAN Genuine Parts, MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and MAN Genuine Accessories for all work carried out at MAN service outlets.

Take advantage of MAN Genuine Parts:

  • The latest state-of-the-art technology
  • MAN Genuine quality guaranteed
  • Worldwide warranty
  • Overnight procurement

MAN Genuine Parts

Quality ensured, reliability increased, returns improved.

Once an MAN, always an MAN. Founded in 1934, taken over from the father, and until now exclusively MAN: Werner Transporte, Ulm. Dietmar Werner, Werner Transporte, Ulm, on the topic of “quality and reliability”.

"With the greatest of respect, the weekend should be free to spend time with the family. We rely on brand quality to ensure that this continues to be the case. The better the parts we use, the lower the risk of risk of a vehicle breaking down and me having to go out. For maintenance and repair: Only MAN Genuine Parts”

“An alternative to MAN Genuine Parts? MAN Genuine Parts ecoline, professionally refurbished replacement parts which are an economical and more cost-effective alternative for repairing older vehicles. And for DIY enthusiasts, training courses and also complete repair sets, called MAN Kits, are available. Now and in future I will only consider using MAN – it’s simply unbeatable.”

MAN Genuine Parts


Service and maintenance are the basic prerequisites for operational safety and minimised downtimes. Our individually customisable service offers ensure planning and cost security, with maximum vehicle availability.

MAN ServiceContracts

Tailored Services

We provide a wide range of customised services for MAN trucks, whether for individual vehicles or entire fleets. MAN ServiceContracts help to protect you against unexpected financial burdens, at MAN ServiceCare, the MAN service outlet takes care of planning and scheduling of upcoming maintenance appointments, and MAN ServiceComplete offers you straightforward all-round service for your vehicles.

Take advantage of the MAN Repair and Maintenance Service:

  • Planning and calculation security
  • Reducing the risk of downtimes
  • Optimising operating costs
  • Increasing resale value

MAN ServiceContracts

Planned with foresight, utilisation optimised, efficiency increased.

Working day after day to deliver freshness and quality: Close to the Hunsrück low mountain range near Osburg, east of Trier, Keiser Transporte ensure the reliable collection and transport of milk and other goods. Stefan Keiser on the topic of “maintenance and service”:

“It’s about reliability, to be at the agreed place at the agreed time. For me, every appointment is a promise. To keep these promises, I need partners I can rely on. I chose MAN many years ago – and I made the right decision.”

“I conclude a maintenance contract for every vehicle when I purchase it. That way I am on the safe side: All service and inspection work is already included, I have planning security and the consistent protection safeguards me against the risk of unexpected repair costs. I would definitely recommend MAN ServiceContracts.”

MAN ServiceContracts


The human factor plays an essential part in optimising and enhancing efficiency in goods transport. The range of practical driver trainings from MAN ProfiDrive® helps to increase safety and simultaneously optimise efficiency by promoting an intelligent and anticipatory driving style.

MAN ProfiDrive®

How to make transport pros even more professional.

Qualified advanced driver training lies at the heart of MAN ProfiDrive®, with the aim to make driving safer, more fuel efficient and gentler on the vehicle. The driver training with a mix of theoretical and practical training parts has a proven positive effect on safety while driving and reduces the occurrence of damage. Additionally, average fuel savings are achieved – that pays off.

Take advantage of MAN ProfiDrive®:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimised time and route management
  • Driver qualification

MAN ProfiDrive®

Vision proven, profits boosted, safety increased.

Schwenningen auf dem Heuberg, Swabian Jura, headquarters of BECK GmbH Omnibusverkehr with two coaches and eleven regular service and intercity buses. Owner Thomas Beck on the topic of “safety and economic efficiency”:

MAN ProfiDrive® Testimonial Beck

“Leading a family-owned company in the third generation, I bear a big responsibility: for our company, its employees, and naturally also for our passengers. We face up to this responsibility with vision and regularly send our drivers to the MAN ProfiDrive® safety and profitability driver trainings – an investment which pays off.”

MAN ProfiDrive®

“The MAN ProfiDrive® trainers are very professional and have a very high level of specialist expertise, including relating to all assistance systems. Drivers that are able to cope with extreme situations and use the technical possibilities, ultimately drive more safely and efficiently. MAN ProfiDrive® is a part of the comprehensive MAN range of first-class services that we are able to rely on 100%. For us, MAN is simply part of the family.”

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We are not just any bank. We are MAN Financial Services. We know the industry and the business. And we know our partners. Thus, we love short processes and quick decisions: Financing, leasing and rental solutions from MAN Financial Services for your individual requirements.

Our competence for your financial flexibility.

Take advantage of the linkage between Man Truck & Bus and MAN Financial Services. We can offer you unique industry insights and commercial vehicle know-how. We guarantee you a reliable partnership and personal contact, competitive and market-appropriate financial offers, tailored solutions, transparent processes and fast decisions. You can count on us.

Take advantage of MAN Financial Services:

  • A reliable partnership and personal contact
  • Tailored financing solutions
  • Short processes, quick decisions

MAN Financial Services

Transparency increased, liquidity enhanced, investment secured.

Spedition Pfeiffer, Kassel, fifth generation transport and logistics company, current portfolio: 200 vehicles, Germany as primary area of use, in classic long-haul transport and logistics. Thomas Pfeiffer on the topic of “financial efficiency”:

“Trust and transparency form the basis of every good partnership. And that is exactly what makes the cooperation with MAN stand out. For many years, we have been using the financial services of MAN Financial Services for leasing, classic financing or hire purchase at the same time as using MAN services.”

MAN Financial Services

“MAN Financial Services is the ideal partner for us: short decision-making processes, fast delivery of information, and financing offers which are tailored precisely to our needs because risks do not have to be reassessed again and again. We use this financial freedom to secure our investments in an economically viable manner. Less outlay, more income – that is financial efficiency for us.”

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