MAN TeleMatics®

MAN Telematics®

Greater efficiency on the road

Fuel, personnel, vehicles – the rising costs in the transport industry are increasing the competitive pressure. If you want to maintain your success into the future, you will need innovative systems for greater efficiency. MAN TeleMatics® shows you your real potential for improved efficiency on the road. You will be able to optimise your transport processes and significantly reduce your operating costs.

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Your requirements for greater success

For MAN TeleMatics® you only need a PC with Internet connection and the MAN TeleMatics® vehicle module installed in your vehicles. The data exchange between vehicle and office uses the mobile communications GPRS standard. The MAN TeleMatics® interface can be connected to any standard transport software.

MAN TeleMatics® service packages

Service packages

Additional service packages such as Map, Eco or Time can also be combined as required as supplements to the MAN TeleMatics® basic package. You can select the right combination of different components for your company.

MAN TeleMatics® on the iPhone

MAN TeleMatics® app

The new MAN TeleMatics® app for iPhone® and iPad® shows you the important data for your vehicles on the road. You have complete control of your fleet at all times – even when you are not in the office (Apple®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.).

Mathias Krage, managing director, Krage Spedition

Spedition Krage: "Five percent less diesel consumption."

"We can quickly optimise driving habits with the aid of vehicle deployment analysis", says Mathias Krage. "We have been able to reduce our diesel consumption by around five percent." According to his information fuel consumption is 30 to 31 litres per 100 kilometres for a company that transports relatively high weights for a general freight transport company.


MAN TeleMatics® – your key to an efficient fleet

  • Reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet.
  • Optimise the usage of your vehicles.
  • Maximise the economy of your company.

Find out how it works here – with the telematics service package tailored to your specific requirements.

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Your efficiency is maximised.