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Your benefits

  • Quality, reliability and security
  • Worldwide 2 year warranty for MAN service and parts
  • Shorter workshop visits, long-term reduction in operating costs and increased re-sale value
  • Parts stocked for all MAN vehicle models – also for older models and special vehicles
  • Parts supplied overnight by the European Logistic Center

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Man Genuine Parts are always the first choice.

If you opt for MAN, you choose excellent quality. So, why should you be satisfied with less when it comes to spare parts?

Quality you can trust

MAN Genuine Parts guarantee that you always choose premium quality. They are manufactured in accordance with MAN guidelines and inspected carefully to ensure that they comply with our strict quality standards. They also guarantee maximum reliability and economy. Furthermore, they come with a 2 year warranty that is valid worldwide for MAN services and parts.

Just-in-time parts logistics.

To keep downtimes as short as possible in the event of damage, an average of over 8,000 genuine parts are in stock in MAN service centres – also for older models and special vehicles. 95% of all unavailable special parts are quickly supplied overnight by the European Logistic Center (ELC) established by MAN. Optimum logistics processes mean you profit from improved order acceptance and delivery times, as well as shorter downtimes in workshops.

MAN engine kit – Custom-fit parts for engine repair work

MAN engine kit

To extend the service life of your engine, we focus on efficient service: Reduce unnecessary downtimes with the MAN engine repair kit at attractive prices. 100% custom fit – so your Genuine MAN stays genuine.

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MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and ecoline+

With MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and the new MAN Genuine Engine ecoline,+ cut costs and save the environment!

Turn old into new

MAN Genuine Parts ecoline are MAN Genuine Parts that have previously been used in MAN vehicles and which have been recycled by MAN, the original manufacturer (OES) or an external service provider in full compliance with MAN Genuine Parts standards. This includes:

  • thorough cleaning
  • precise testing
  • careful reworking
  • replacement of all wear parts.

This intensive processing means that the quality of MAN Genuine Parts ecoline is equal to that of a new MAN Genuine Part. You also benefit from the same warranty that comes with new MAN Genuine Parts.

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MAN Genuine Engine ecoline+

The portfolio of the MAN Genuine Parts ecoline now has a new addition in the form of the MAN Genuine Engine ecoline+. With the new MAN Genuine Engines ecoline+, you get a particularly economical and ecological variant of the complete engine. The MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and ecoline+ ranges are specifically targeted towards older vehicles.

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Ecological and economical

MAN Genuine Parts ecoline pay off in the long term. No new spare parts have to be manufactured, which reduces costs and preserves the environment:

  • Resource savings
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower CO2 emissions

Download brochure "Thinking ecologically – acting economically"

Further information

on the MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and ecoline+ is available on the MAN After Sales Portal.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

ecoline receives sustainability award

Top quality for parts in excellent condition: ecoline receives sustainability award

In December 2015, MAN received the European Transport Prize for Sustainability from Transport, the magazine for freight transportation, in recognition of the company’s environmentally friendly recycling of used parts. The award is presented for outstanding and sustainable services within the commercial vehicle industry. The prize is designed to encourage companies in the transport sector to act sustainably.

Video MAN Genuine Parts ecoline

Remanufacturing, that makes the difference

In this descriptive video you can find out more about the differences between MAN’s factory remanufacturing and field maintenance of exchange parts. Watch now and assure yourself of the special quality of MAN Genuine Parts ecoline at attractive prices.

Video MAN Genuine Parts ecoline

Ecological and economical in one

MAN Genuine Parts® ecoline is a range of replacement parts that have been fully reconditioned by MAN, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an external partner to the same standards as MAN Genuine Parts®.

MAN Genuine Parts ecoline+

MAN Genuine Parts ecoline+

Always the first choice, also for spare parts! MAN ecoline+ genuine engines are reconditioned according to our strict standards.

The portfolio at a glance

MAN Genuine Parts trucks

  1. Engine
    • MAN Genuine Engine ecoline: Series-produced engine supplied with reconditioned components from the MAN Genuine Parts ecoline product line (flywheel, coolant pump etc.).
    • MAN Genuine Engine ecoline+: An engine previously used in a MAN vehicle, rebuilt as part of workshop repair with fully refurbished components and a defined amount of new MAN Genuine Parts.
    • MAN Genuine Parts ecoline for engine components: Recycled engine components (turbo charger, crankshaft, flywheel, cylinder head)

      Comparison of MAN engines
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  2. Driveline: Final drive, propshaft, clutch, power take-off, transfer case, transmission
  3. Electrical system: Tachograph, alternator, starter motor
  4. Frame: Steering gear, emergency steering pump, steering
  5. Air/brake: Brake calliper, brake cylinder, EBS module, air compressor, air dryer, brake system valves
  6. Cooling system: Refrigerant compressor, coolant pump
  7. Fuel/exhaust gas: CR injector, diesel particulate filter, injector, injection pump, DeNox supply module

MAN Genuine Disc Brakes: No compromises when it comes to your safety

The brakes of your vehicle must be one hundred percent reliable.

MAN Genuine Disc Brakes

Especially in critical traffic situations, they play a major part in ensuring your safety, the safety of your passengers or freight, and that of other road users. In order to achieve this, the brake discs and brake pads must deliver outstanding performance. It is essential that they work together as reliably and effectively as possible during regular brake operation, as well as under extreme conditions - for example when the brakes reach temperatures of up to 900 °C.

This is why we have defined a clear basic principle for our MAN Genuine Disc Brakes: No compromises when it comes to safety and quality! We develop brake discs and brake pads which work together in perfect balance, are durable, and offer you top performance in terms of safety.

Why should you use MAN Genuine Disc Brakes?

  • High levels of safety thanks to the more consistent brake effect across all temperature ranges
  • Optimum driving comfort thanks to the predictable brake behaviour with consistent brake pedal pressure
  • Long service life and economic efficiency thanks to the optimum wear performance
  • Lower strain on the brake system thanks to lower pad weight
  • High levels of protection against disc ruptures thanks to the perfect balance between the brake disc and the brake pad
  • Increased service life of the brake disc thanks to the optimal friction pairing with the pad material

To the DEKRA test report

MAN Genuine Parts Kits

The most costly aspect of a vehicle? Downtimes. Minimising downtimes or, better yet, avoiding them completely is therefore the best strategy for achieving optimal efficiency.

We work on this holistically, by networking intelligent services and using products that are optimally coordinated. MAN Genuine Parts Kits are a good example of this. If repairs are necessary, it usually makes the most sense to replace the entire unit.

This also includes the peripheral parts, which should also be replaced. All in all, this may mean an additional financial expense in the short-term, however, individually these parts would be more expensive and, in the long term, considerable costs can be saved, as additional workshop visits can be avoided. The use of MAN Genuine Parts Kits also speeds up repair times and optimises the availability of spare parts.

If repair is needed, let’s do it right

The MAN Genuine Parts Kits portfolio currently comprises eleven component groups, all of which have one thing in common: no half measures.

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MAN Genuine Engine Repair Kit with cylinder head gasket, oil sump seal, engine piston and cylinder liner, connecting-rod bearing and crankshaft main bearing

MAN Genuine Engine Repair Kit

  • Cylinder head and oil sump seal (M)/all engine seals (L)
  • Engine piston and cylinder liners
  • Connecting-rod bearing (M/L)
  • Crankshaft main bearing (L)

Man Genuine Turbocharger Assembly Kit, screws and seals

Man Genuine Turbocharger Assembly Kit

  • The screws and seals that need to be replaced

MAN Genuine Engine Seal Kit for each MAN engine

MAN Genuine Engine Seal Kit

  • All the relevant seals for the respective engine variants

MAN Genuine Engine Piston Kit with piston, piston rings, bolts, locking rings and cylinder liner

MAN Genuine Engine Piston Kit

  • Complete piston including piston rings
  • Bolts and locking rings
  • Cylinder liner and O-ring

MAN Genuine Cylinder Head Kit with cylinder head, including pre-assembled inlet and outlet valves, valve springs and valve shaft covers

MAN Genuine Cylinder Head Kit

  • Cylinder head
  • Suitable inlet and outlet valves (pre-assembled)
  • Valve springs, spring disc and spring ball parts (pre-assembled)

MAN Genuine Diesel Particulate Filter and associated seals

MAN Genuine Diesel Particulate Filter Kit

  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Associated seals

MAN Genuine Filter Maintenance Kit with fuel filter element, engine oil filter element, air filter insert and interior air filter

MAN Genuine Filter Maintenance Kit

  • Fuel filter element
  • Engine oil filter element
  • Air filter insert
  • Interior air filter
  • All necessary seals

MAN Genuine Belt Tensioner Kit

MAN Genuine Belt Tensioner Kit

  • V-belt
  • Associated belt tensioner

MAN Genuine Disc Brake Kit contains two brake discs and a disc brake pad kit

MAN Genuine Disc Brake Kit

  • Brake discs (two per pack)
  • Disc brake pad kit (one pad kit, made up of four brake pads)

MAN Genuine Clutch Kit ecoline with clutch drive plate and clutch pressure plate, release bearings and pilot bearings

MAN Genuine Clutch Kit ecoline

  • Clutch drive plate and clutch pressure plate
  • Release bearings
  • Where required, pilot bearings and required bolts

MAN Genuine Main Bearing Kit with main bearing and connecting-rod bearing, oil sump seal and intercooler seal

MAN Genuine Main Bearing Kit

  • Main and connecting-rod bearings
  • Oil sump seal
  • Intercooler seal
  • Required bolts and small parts

2 year warranty

2 year warranty for MAN service and parts

From 2017, MAN Truck & Bus SE’s two-year warranty applies to all repairs carried out1 in MAN service outlets2, and includes MAN Genuine Parts installed during repairs, MAN Genuine Parts ecoline and MAN Genuine Accessories. The service level is identical to the previously existing one-year warranty that has been applicable until now.

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Additional information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

1 See validity of the General Terms and Conditions.
2 MAN-specific service outlets and participating partners.

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