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MAN Service Complete


  • Increased availability
  • Sustainable value retention
  • Significant cost savings
  • Extensive service network

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Not only is the decision to purchase an MAN making a choice for maximum quality, it is much more than that: the start of a long-term relationship with a reliable partner at your side. With our comprehensive service offer we take care of minimising your overall vehicle costs, by doing everything we can to keep you on the road with maximum efficiency.

All services from a single source.

MAN ServiceComplete is the all-round carefree package for your truck, including semitrailer, trailer, bodies, attachments, liftgate and braking systems. Whether maintenance or care, repairs or legal checks: We make sure that everything is done in one visit. In the MAN ServiceComplete locations you will find highly qualified professionals who know all the details of your sector-specific manufacturer specifications and only use original spare parts.

The full service option for construction vehicles.

In many specialised service and partner businesses for construction and bulk material vehicles, MAN ServiceComplete also bundles the competency and reliability of the nine most well-known body manufacturers from the construction sector.

MAN ServiceComplete also for MAN transporters.

Naturally, our local specialists also make sure that you are offered comprehensive service for your MAN transporter, irrespective of which body you have fitted to your “truck of the vans”.

Exceptional service network.

Our more than 150 MAN ServiceComplete locations are distributed throughout Germany so densely that you will certainly find an expert partner close to you.

You can find your nearest MAN ServiceComplete location using our helpful location search.

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Full mobility and efficiency for your fleet.

Increased availability

One stop, full efficiency: Thanks to our single-source complete service for trucks and trailers, you will benefit from fewer visits to the workshop. This leads to a significantly higher availability of your vehicles.

Sustainable value retention

All maintenance and repair work required for your complete truck and transporter are carried out with original manufacturer quality and spare parts. A team of highly trained service technicians ensures fast and efficient execution of the work.

Significant cost savings

The attractive terms of MAN ServiceComplete will sustainably reduce your costs for maintenance and repairs. In addition, they reduce the administrative effort and increase your operational capabilities due to lower downtimes.

Extensive service network

Our workshops are always available to you, whenever and wherever needed. With the dense network of service locations you will always find an expert MAN ServiceComplete location near you.


MAN ServiceComplete for the construction industry. Simple and from a single source.

MAN ServiceComplete is also available specially for the construction and bulk materials sector. Across the whole of Germany, there are service operations in many locations, which will not only look after your MAN tractor unit, but will also take care of construction vehicle components from other manufacturers and work closely with the most established partners in the sector.

Whether rear tippers or three-way tippers, roll-off and set-down skip loaders, whether MAN truck or other manufacturers, whether semitrailer, trailer, bodies, attachments, liftgate and braking systems: You benefit from guaranteed original spare parts and cross-brand specialist knowledge. And the best thing: The downtimes for your complete construction vehicle fleet are as short as possible. Because with just a single service stop, all work is completed for you.

Our specialist partners for the construction sector:

  • Dautel
  • Fliegl Trailer
  • Humbaur

  • Kögel
  • Langendorf – Wielton
  • Meiller Kipper

  • Palfinger
  • Schmitz Cargobull
  • Schwarzmüller


The services from MAN ServiceComplete.


  • Execution of all required inspections
  • Performance of service contract elements from various body manufacturers
  • Tyre service*, axle measurements and brake service
  • Vehicle electronics and air conditioning service
  • Maintenance of cooling units, modules and loading equipment*


  • Full repair service for tractor unit, semitrailer, trailer, bodies, attachments, liftgate and brake systems
  • Guarantee and goodwill work

* Available at selected MAN ServiceComplete service points.

Legal inspections

  • Execution of prescribed vehicle and exhaust checks (HU/AU)
  • Tachometer and control device checks
  • Safety check (SC)
  • Leak check for cooling units*
  • Gas checks for standstill heaters*


  • Cleaning and care of all vehicle components


MAN ServiceComplete brings together numerous partners at a single service location. Working with renowned manufacturers of semitrailers, trailers, attachments, tippers, brake systems and liftgates means we can offer a comprehensive all-round service for your entire vehicle.

BÄR Cargolift
Fliegl Trailer
MBB Palfinger
Meiller Kipper
SAF Holland
Schmitz Cargobull

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