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  • Qualified advanced training of drivers
  • Professional driver training in accordance with the law governing the qualification of professional drivers
  • Customer-specific training solutions in niche markets
  • Recourse to the 35-year MAN ProfiDrive® expertise in more than 67 countries

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Training and advice for transport and logistics.

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MAN ProfiDrive® – We train the future

Competitiveness and safety are becoming increasingly important in the everyday working environment of fleet operators, fleet managers and drivers. Business owners are no longer just relying on technical vehicle innovations.

The costs of purchasing a new vehicle can be significantly reduced by government subsidy programmes. MAN ProfiDrive® helps you develop the optimal package and provides advice and information regarding the application.

However, the qualified advanced training of drivers is now also a focal point for cost reduction. Employees who have perfect command of their vehicles and receive intensive instructions regarding technical innovation which they learn how to optimally utilise make as much of a contribution to a positive result as employees who know how to avoid risks on the road based on a cautious and save driving style and thus increase safety, reduce consumption and lower costs for wear and tear. Driver absenteeism due to sickness can also be minimised through appropriate training measures.

With 35 years of expertise, MAN ProfiDrive® has made a significant contribution to the all-round support for business owners, fleet managers and drivers in over 67 countries worldwide. MAN ProfiDrive® has continuously improved and expanded in terms of its daily dealings with customers as well as the available training portfolio. These days, customer-specific training solutions in niche markets are just as much part of the MAN ProfiDrive® training range as professional driver training in accordance with the law governing the qualification of professional drivers.

MAN ProfiDrive® Driving safety training course

Driving safety training course

Driving safety and emergency training courses and the teaching of theoretical, practical and legal principles to train the correct way to respond to critical driving situations.

MAN ProfiDrive® Efficiency training courses

Efficiency training courses

Theoretical and practical exercises to achieve an optimal driving style in terms of safety and efficiency. Individual advice on enhanced risk management in your company.

MAN ProfiDrive® Special training courses

Special training courses

MAN ProfiDrive® special training courses make the difference – be it for off-road, heavy-duty transport or long vehicle.

MAN ProfiDrive® Basic training courses

Basic training courses

Theoretical teaching of legal requirements, guidelines and general recommendations for the long-distance transport of goods and individual training in the vehicle itself.

MAN ProfiDrive® Advanced driver training

Advanced driver training

MAN ProfiDrive® provides professional and qualified advanced driver training in accordance with the law governing the qualification of professional drivers.

Connected CoDriver

MAN Connected CoDriver

Detailed vehicle reporting, driver training live at the workplace, individual and detailed driving style analysis - become a fuel-efficient professional with MAN Connected CoDriver.

To MAN Connected CoDriver

Advanced training based on the law governing the qualification of professional drivers (BKrFQG)

Every five years professional drivers have to complete a total of 35 hours of advanced training, made up of five training units of seven hours each in the three areas of knowledge.

MAN ProfiDrive® gives you the opportunity to complete all the legally required advanced training measures.

The following training sessions can be booked and implemented with and without the training for professional drivers.

Areas of knowledge according to the BKrFQG

  • Area of knowledge 1 – improvement in rational driving behaviour based on safety regulations
  • Area of knowledge 2 – application of requirements
  • Area of knowledge 3 – health, transport and environmental safety, services, logistics

Our MAN training courses for you

Basics – Training

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Economic efficiency – Training

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Safety – Training

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Field/application – Training

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On-the-job training

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General and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about qualified drive trainings for professional drivers.

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