MAN LX cab

For when you need that little bit extra

The narrow LX cab is perfect for payload-intensive special applications in national long-haul transport, for example tank transportation. The aerodynamic vehicle front minimises fuel consumption, while the comparatively lower unladen weight brings significant advantages in terms of the payload. The LX cab is a work place that the driver can feel good in. The high-quality beds with slatted frame and multi-zone cold foam mattress will make drivers feel like they’re sleeping in their own bed at home. The generous storage space provides plenty of room for luggage and personal items.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Narrow cab with high roof: ideal for special applications in national long-haul transport
  • Flexible usage options
  • Optimised for payload-intensive transportation
  • Comfortable bed as standard for breaks and rests

Size Width 2240 mm
Depth 2280 mm
Height 1925 mm
Seats 2 persons
1 sleeping space