The biggest and best for long-haul drivers

The XXL cab is one of the biggest truck cabs in Europe. It is MAN’s perfect model for very long international journeys. The above-average standing room and maximum interior volume create an airy feel, as well as providing exceptional living and sleeping comfort. Even the tallest and most solidly built of drivers will have plenty of room to move in this cab. Large cabinets above the windscreen of the XXL cab along with two generously dimensioned external storage compartments for personal items create a tidy, pleasant atmosphere, facilitating concentrated working. Drivers must be able to sleep well if they are to remain fully alert at the wheel. The high-quality beds with slatted frame and optional multi-zone cold foam mattress will make drivers feel like they’re sleeping in their own bed at home.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long, wide cab with extra-high roof for international long-haul transport
  • Maximum standing room of more than two metres inside
  • Universal application options thanks to two-driver operation
  • Exclusive equipment and optimum living comfort and ease of use

XXL cab interactive experience

Come with us into the largest cab in Europe and experience the highest levels of living and sleeping comfort you can experience on wheels.

Come on in

Size Width 2440 mm
Depth 2280 mm
Height 2150 mm
Seats 2 persons
2 sleeping spaces

Available for the following models: