MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 - the efficient one

MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 at night on the motorway

Your advantages

  • 6.35% less consumption than that of the predecessor model
  • Maximum economy
  • MAN efficiency systems on board as standard

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MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 – More power, even lower consumption

Economical to the last drop: thanks to the further development of the driveline, standard efficiency systems and consumption-optimised motorisation, the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 will help you further reduce your total operating costs.
We know that fuel consumption makes up almost a third of your total expenses. This is why our savings champion uses up to 6.35% less fuel than its predecessor.

You can also save even more on fuel with our efficient gearshift program and the resulting reduced engine speed. International comparison tests also confirm that, with our MAN TGX EfficientLine 3, you don’t need to worry today about the costs of tomorrow. Leave your competition behind when it comes to expenses and reap the benefits of the economy of our profit-maximising truck. For an efficiency balance that will improve your overall balance sheet in long-haul transport.

MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 – application segments

Engine & gearbox

Engine: D2076, 309-368 kW MAN D26 engine in Euro 6


MAN TGX D26 engine in Euro 6

An engine fit for our fuel-saving champion: high performance and extremely economical at the same time. The MAN D26 engine series for the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 is available in three different engine sizes, up to 500 HP, and the multitude of innovations available can again save you almost 2 litres of fuel. The environment will also be grateful: optimised consumption, modern diesel particulate filters and our ingenious exhaust gas recirculation system ensure that emission levels always stay low. Of course, our six-cylinder common rail diesel also effortlessly complies with all Euro 6 standards – allowing you to drive up your profits efficiently and cleanly.

MAN TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox

MAN TipMatic®

Taking costs down a gear

Thanks to our automatic gearbox, MAN TipMatic®, you can shift down another gear when it comes to costs. It automatically recognises your truck’s payload and slope conditions and optimises its gearshifting strategy based on this. Our cost-saving FLEET version is offered for large fleets where drivers change frequently. It limits manual interventions, helping to avoid erroneous operation. Your benefits: minimisation of wear, a protected driveline and reduced fuel consumption.

With intelligent powertrain management and an optional efficient gearshift program, you can reduce fuel consumption even further: the smart reduction of the average engine speed, in combination with increased driving stretches in higher gears and fewer gearshifts, reduces fuel consumption at approximately constant average speed.

The MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 can really get into gear with the MAN TipMatic® and the clever gearshift program.

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Engine Displacement
D2066 10.5 l
265 kW (360 HP), 1,800 Nm  
D2676 12.4 l
309 kW (420 HP), 2,100 Nm  
338 kW (460 HP), 2,300 Nm  
368 kW (500 HP), 2,500 Nm  
Vehicle type Suspension Wheelbase Gearboxes
3,100 – 5,900 mm MAN semi-automatic gearbox
Gross train weight TipMatic®

18 - 28 t
Gearbox function
      MAN EfficientCruise®

Efficiency systems

MAN EfficientCruise® icon: Speedometer with display

MAN EfficientCruise® with MAN EfficientRoll

Proactively working towards the profit target

With our GPS-controlled MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control, you can save an additional 6% on your energy consumption. It proactively analyses the current load and the expected topography of the route and decides automatically on the perfect driving speed. In this way, the MAN EfficientRoll function allows you to optimise momentum on topographically variable routes, saving even more on fuel.

More information on MAN EfficientCruise®

MAN aeropackage icon: MAN semitrailer combination in an air stream

The aeropackage from MAN

Getting wind of cost savings

Defy the wind: you can save up to 5% on fuel with the aeropackage from MAN. Roof spoilers, side panels and side flaps decrease air resistance even further during the journey. The free space between the cab and the body is almost entirely closed off thanks to these additional panel elements. The result: an effective, aerodynamic air flow around the entire vehicle.

Lightweight construction icon: Spring

Lightweight equipment

On the road to success with ease

Your daily business will get much easier with us: We have managed to refine the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 by using the lightest materials without compromising on stability. Whether it be an aluminium construction or lightweight plastics, with us you will never be carrying around too much weight. You can also save additional weight as the replacement tyre is no longer needed, meaning you can load up to an additional 500 kg payload.

Efficiency times four: the new EfficientLine 3 packages

The standard efficiency equipment that comes with our efficiency wonder is also available for all other TGX models, as well as the TGS and Euro 6c. Simply choose from one of the four EfficientLine 3 packages. We offer the ideal solution for every challenge; be that decreasing friction losses and air resistance, improving ancillary power requirements or ensuring a lower empty weight. Individual, according to your wishes. Discover an overview of the four EfficientLine 3 package options here:

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*The aluminium compressed-air tank cannot be combined with the MAN TipMatic 12+2 gearbox or the compact battery box

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Economical from the start: Discover more about the long tradition behind our economical MAN trucks and the innovative technology that makes our MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 so efficient for you.

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MAN ServiceContracts

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MAN Genuine Oil

The perfect technology needs the perfect care. That’s why we have developed MAN Genuine Oil; to take the best possible care of the engines, axles and gearboxes in our trucks. For an extra-long service life for all our components.

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MAN Financial Services

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Several European trade magazines specialising in commercial vehicles have carried out practical tests and examined long-haul semitrailer tractors from different manufacturers. The result: the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 impressed the testers, especially when it came to consumption and performance. The fuel-efficient power pack positioned itself in the leading group of the tested Euro 6c vehicles in all of the tests.

Put to the test by the German trade press

Who can deliver outstanding performance but still offers excellent fuel efficiency? Five German commercial vehicle trade magazines investigated this very question. Their conclusion? The new MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 keeps its promises when it comes to performance. And leaves its competitors behind in terms of costs.

The trade magazine Transport sent the latest long-haul semitrailer tractors from MAN, Scania and Mercedes out onto the test track for comparison: the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3, the Scania S500 and the Actros 1845. The result: the new MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 is a leader in efficiency. Thanks to its optimised driveline, it offers more torque and higher performance, but at the same time consumes even less fuel than its predecessor. The AdBlue consumption, which is very low compared to its competitors, also impressed the magazine.

In addition to above-average driving comfort, the trade magazines Verkehrsrundschau, Trucker, Lastauto Omnibus and Fernfahrer particularly praised the latest generation of the MAN TipMatic® gearbox, with its new functions such as SmartShifting or the use of the electronically controlled engine brake with upshift assistance. Combined with the optimised assistance systems, MAN EfficientCruise® and MAN EfficientRoll, the fuel consumption was reduced substantially. The German trade press also positively rated the optimum payload, achieved by lightweight solutions, and the high-quality interior.

The German practical tests have proven it: the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 is a true fuel-efficiency star – while delivering even more power.

Comparison table: MAN TGX 18.460 EfficientLine – Scania S500 – Actros 1845

Manufacturer MAN Scania Mercedes
TGX 18.460 EfficientLine S500 Eco programme Actros 1845 Eco programme
Total consumption [l/100 km] 28.6 26.7 28.7
AdBlue consumption 4.4% of diesel consumption 8.4% of diesel consumption 5.0% of diesel consumption
Average speed (km/h) 72.1 72.0 72.2

Controlled variables for the test drives:

Length of test course: 93.1 km
Gross train weight: 38,600 kg (MAN, Mercedes), 38,700 kg (Scania)
Air temperature: 9°C (MAN), 9°C (Scania), 12–14°C (Mercedes)
Wind speed: 15–22 km/h (MAN), 9–15 km/h (Scania), 14 km/h (Mercedes)
Rain: Dry
Elevation: 1,200 m

Road test with the Austrian trade magazine Traktuell

The Austrian trade magazine Traktuell has also carried their own test: the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 was examined critically over five stages and a total distance of 355 km. The result: our lion has a lot of power and little thirst for fuel

MAN EfficientLine 3 takes the lead in the 500 HP class

We expected nothing less from our power pack: the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 impressed the testers with its outstanding engine performance in the 500 HP class – with a fuel consumption of just 26.1 litres per 100 kilometres. Traktuell emphasised the extremely well thought-through shift strategy of the MAN truck: the perfect harmonisation between the MAN TipMatic® gearbox and the anticipatory GPS cruise control.

The sensational 1.2 litre AdBlue consumption of the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 also won the testers over; it is by far the lowest value in comparison to other competitors.

According to Traktuell, the XLX cab more than lives up to the name ‘EfficientLine’. It is not excessively dimensioned but offers plenty of comfort, a well-designed interior and sufficient space, all of which contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

The test carried out by the Austrian trade magazine proves: we are continuing the long tradition of efficient MAN trucks and combine it with innovative technologies. For you, this means even more power with even lower consumption.

Results table

  km Total consumption in litres Consumption/100 km in litres Average speed in km/h
Stage 1 Guntramsdorf service station – Seebenstein junction 42 12.62 30.0 82.6
Stage 2 Seebenstein junction – Bruck a. d. Mur 79 26.06 33 78.1
Stage 3 Bruck a. d. Mur – Arnwiesen service station 1) 93 19.82 2) 21.3 84.8
Stage 4 Arnwiesen service station – Seebenstein exit 1) 97 29.41 2) 30.3 84.5
Stage 5 Seebenstein – Guntramsdorf service station exit 44 4.98 11.1 83.2
Total distance 355 92.80 l   82.5
Total average diesel consumption (temperature compensated): 26.1 litres/100 km Without temperature compensation: 25.5 litres/100 km    
AdBlue fluid: 1.2 litres/100 km      
Speed measurement point: Semmering 53 km/h 11th gear (14-gear gearbox)  
  Schäffern 85 km/h 13th gear (14-gear gearbox)  

Test conditions

Weather 28–35°C, sunny and dry, hardly any wind
Traffic Normal traffic with several sets of roadworks. A short distance of road congestion with stop-start traffic on the S 35 was deducted from the result.

Practical test by Spanish trade magazine Transporte Mundial

Transporte Mundial has put the latest vehicle models from three manufacturers through their paces: the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3, the Volvo FH-500 and the Scania S500. The question: which model takes the lead in terms of fuel efficiency? The result: the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 holds the consumption record when it comes to fuel efficiency.

We could have guessed it already: During the test round conducted by Transport Mundial, the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 convinced with the lowest average consumption levels of all the vehicles ever tested to date.

The Spanish trade magazine also sent the Volvo FH-500 and, last but not least, the newly launched Scania S500 out onto the test track. The result of the three runs, which were carried out under largely similar test conditions, showed that the MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 clearly outperformed both competitors when it came to fuel efficiency (diesel and AdBlue fluid consumption).

The Transporte Mundial test track is 912 kilometres long in total, stretching across terrain of varying height, from sea level to 1200 above. The Spanish trade magazine sends all vehicles onto the test track with an approximate gross train weight of 40 tonnes, including semitrailers The MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 broke the test course record for fuel efficiency at 27.9 litres per 100 kilometres. The MAN TGX also achieved by far the lowest value for AdBlue fluid consumption.

The demanding test proves it: With us and our fuel-efficient models, you will always be a fuel-saving winner.

Visit the Transporte Mundial website

Comparison table: MAN TGX 18.500 – Scania S500 – Volvo FH-500

TM edition 01/17 02/17 12/16
Manufacturer MAN Scania Volvo
TGX 18.500
EL 3
S500 FH-500
Total consumption
(diesel + AdBlue fluid)
27.90 30.61 2) 32.56
Diesel/AdBlue fluid
1.763 2)
Ø speed
84.48 86.76 87.00
Unladen weight
“ready for driving” (kg)
7580 7650 7890
Total consumption
(diesel + AdBlue fluid)
27.43 29.53 31.41
  1. AdBlue fluid consumption cost-weighted in proportion of EUR 0.90/l diesel to EUR 0.60/l AdBlue (total consumption according to transporte mundial)
  2. Downward corrected values: 30.61 l/100 km total consumption and 1.76 l/100 km AdBlue fluid consumption. AdBlue fluid consumption in the transporte mundial publication was erroneously too high. The correction will follow in the next issue.

Controlled variables for the test drives:

Length of test course: 912 km
Total train weight: 40,000 kg (Scania, Volvo), 39,800 kg (MAN)
Air temperature: 6-12°C (Scania), 3-17°C (MAN), 3-16°C (Volvo)
Wind: Scania with wind on 2 out of 11 evaluation stages
Rain: Scania with rain on 5 out of 11 evaluation stages
Elevation profile: between 0 and 1241 m above sea level