Your benefits

  • Double safety assistance with acoustic warning for the driver and active steering to return the truck to the correct lane
  • Prevention of unintentionally leaving the lane with the associated risk of an accident
  • Increased driving safety on monotonous routes and when driving at night
  • Increased transport safety and reliability

Lane Guard Support (LGS) & Lane Return Assist (LRA)

Staying on track is easier than ever before: If the truck leaves the lane unintentionally, the Lane Guard Support (LGS) warns the driver immediately. And the Lane Return Assist (LRA) actively steers your truck back into the correct lane - before a hazardous situation develops.

Active support for the driver to safely stay in the lane

The Lane Guard Support (LGS) with Lane Return Assist (LRA) supports the driver in maintaining the correct lane and actively prevents unintentional lane changes - thereby drastically reducing the risk of accidents on the road.

MAN Lane Guard Support (LGS)

The Lane Guard Support monitors whether the vehicle stays in the correct lane. If your MAN leaves the lane without an indicator being activated, the Lane Guard Support provides a warning via an acoustic signal. The system uses a video camera behind the windscreen to check the vehicle position. It constantly monitors the left and right lane markings.

The Lane Guard Support is active from a speed of 60 km/h. It detects and takes into account intentional driving on the edge of the lane and also works reliably when driving at night. With roads which only have one edge and narrow lanes (for example within road construction sections) the system is deactivated to prevent unnecessary notifications.

MAN Lane Return Assist (LRA)

The Lane Return Assist provides the driver with additional support by actively returning the vehicle to the lane: If the vehicle shows signs of leaving the lane - without the indicator being activated - the system steers the truck back into the lane carefully and autonomously. When doing so the driver must keep their hands on the wheel (hands-on detection) and has control over the vehicle guidance at all times. The correcting steering torque can be overridden by the driver at all times. The automatic steering only supports the driver until the correct lane is reached once more. The vehicle is not kept in the lane continuously by the assistance system.

Double safety: We can offer LRA in conjunction with LGS for the following MAN truck models

The prerequisite for the application of the Lane Return Assist (LRA) is that the vehicle must be equipped with the MAN ComfortSteering hydraulic steering system. The Lane Guard Support (LGS) is included within the standard scope of equipment on all models.

Discover additional assistance systems

Active steering system: MAN ComfortSteering

Active steering system: MAN ComfortSteering

Easier steering thanks to additional steering torque: MAN ComfortSteering supports the driver by adjusting the steering forces to the vehicle speed.

Attention assistant: MAN AttentionGuard

Attention assistant: MAN AttentionGuard

Reacts before anything happens: The MAN AttentionGuard detects early signs of reduced driver attention or noticeable changes in steering behaviour - particularly deviating from the lane - and provides a warning before dangerous situations can arise.

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

Gain valuable reaction time: The Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) provides immediate warning in the event of an imminent collision and even stops the truck independently if needed. In addition, the Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS) warns vehicles behind.