Attention assistant: MAN AttentionGuard

Your benefits

  • Detects signs of reduced attention at an early stage and warns the driver
  • Increases active safety by avoiding accidents

Attention assistant: MAN AttentionGuard

On monotonous routes such as motorways or main roads, drivers can get tired and loose concentration. This results in a significantly increased risk of accidents. MAN AttentionGuard detects the first signs of reduced attention and alerts the diver accordingly. For maximum safety on the road.

Increase of active safety

The MAN AttentionGuard attention assistant detects noticeable early changes in steering behaviour and warns the driver before a dangerous situation can arise. The warning is issued in form of a visual as well as an acoustic signal. This helps to proactively avoid accidents.

Above a speed of 60km/h the MAN AttentionGuard continuously evaluates driving parameters such as steering behaviour or violations of lane boundaries, drawing reliable conclusions regarding the level of attention of the driver. The prerequisite is that the truck is equipped with the Lane guard system (LGS), a safety system which monitors correct positioning of the vehicle within the lane.

If the MAN AttentionGuard detects the first signs of reduced concentration or tiredness, the driver display shows the message “Drive carefully!” for eight seconds. This is accompanied by an acoustic signal which sounds once via the driver’s workplace speaker. The warnings then disappear automatically without requiring confirmation.

As with the Lane guard system (LGS) the MAN AttentionGuard is always activated when the engine is started. Even at night, the function is guaranteed at all times.

The MAN AttentionGuard is available as optional special equipment for the following vehicles

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