MAN TGX short-timber truck loaded with tree trunks on a forest path

Agricultural and forestry applications

Powerful, robust and reliable, MAN trucks work hard for your business and help you reap profits.

MAN trucks for agricultural and forestry applications - efficient by nature.

Various transport tasks between field, forest and processing plant, difficult transport routes and high payloads - the challenges in agricultural and forestry applications are as manifold as they are demanding. High traction, gentle on the ground and reliable - MAN trucks help you reap your profits.

Exceptional MAN off-road suitability

Exceptional off-road suitability

As an addition to the all-wheel drive and the switchable MAN HydroDrive® front-wheel drive, the off-road mode, the EasyStart moving-off aid as well as the rocking-free function of the MAN TipMatic® gearbox improve off-road suitability.

More about MAN HydroDrive®

More about MAN TipMatic®

MAN optimised driveline

Optimised driveline with efficient engine and gearbox

MAN engines are among the most efficient on the market. In combination with the MAN TipMatic®, this driveline is perfectly suited for any situation in forestry and agricultural applications.

More about MAN TipMatic®

Powerful MAN PTOs

Powerful PTOs

Powerful PTOs with an unrivalled torque of up to 8000 Nm are available for you as drive options for modern harvest machines.

Discover the various fields of application

Agriculture: MAN TGS agricultural truck on a country road in rural setting

MAN trucks for agricultural applications work hard for your success.

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Wood: MAN TGS short timber transporter loaded with tree trunks

MAN trucks for forestry applications are made from tough stuff.

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More application segments

Does your business cover areas beyond wood applications? Then the MAN vehicle solutions for the following application segments might be of interest to you.

Long-haul transport: MAN TGX semitrailer on road with mountains in the background

Long-haul transport

MAN trucks for long-haul transport curb unnecessary costs in the long term.

Distribution transport: Fleet of MAN TG vehicles on an urban motorway

Distribution transport

MAN trucks for distribution transport deliver everything and offer a lot.

Construction site and concrete: MAN TGS tipper on a construction site at sunset

Construction & concrete

MAN trucks for construction sites and the concrete industry are made for truly tough jobs.

Special applications: MAN TGS car transporter loaded with cars on a rural road

Special applications

MAN truck for special applications are experts in the exceptional.

Waste disposal and street cleaning: Fleet of MAN TG communal vehicles in urban setting at night

Waste disposal & street cleaning

MAN trucks for communal waste disposal and cleaning impress with their clean performance.

MAN TGM fire engine drives through village at high speed

Fire department & emergency services

MAN trucks for fire departments and emergency services are red-hot for their job.