The MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 actively saves on fuel

More than 4,600 vehicles and packages sold

The MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 combines fuel-saving measures and technologies into a self-contained model without compromises. MAN has sold more than 4,600 EfficientLine 2 models and packages throughout Europe. To date, no vehicle manufacturer has implemented the known physical relationships as consistently in a vehicle as MAN does in the TGX EfficientLine 2.

MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 saves 6.57 per cent

The truck has proven to be an attractive means to master the huge challenges of increased competitive pressure, rising diesel prices and more stringent environmental regulations:

On a 5,217 km-long test run certified by TÜV SÜD under topographically demanding conditions, the TGX EfficientLine 2 proved that it saves a further 6.57 per cent of fuel as against the already excellent first generation of the TGX EfficientLine.

On the eight-day run, the test vehicles, with a load of 38.2 tons, drove 46 per cent of the distance (2,399 km) on uphill gradients and covered a difference in altitude of 31,075 metres.

The technical features

All the new fuel reduction electronic systems are fitted as standard in the TGX EfficientLine 2. The predictive EfficientCruise cruise control saves up to six per cent in fuel thanks to optimal use of downhill and uphill momentum energy.

The driveline of the TGX is suited to particularly low-rev, fuel-efficient driving with the D26 TopTorque engines. Engines with a torque increase of 200 Nm are best paired with really high drive ratios. This additional torque is particularly useful on inclines to facilitate easier driving, with less need to switch to a lower gear and sustainably lower fuel consumption. The new Speed Shifting function shifts more quickly between gears 10, 11 and 12, and reduces interruptions in traction when travelling uphill.

Consistent reduction of air and rolling resistance and engine auxiliary power is in the DNA of the TGX EfficientLine 2: Sun blinds and compressed-air horns are eliminated for this reason; the aerodynamic chassis side skirts help to save on additional fuel. Setting the speed limiter to 85 km/h (53 mph) instead of 89 km/h (55 mph) reduces rolling resistance by ten per cent. Low rolling resistance tyres are also used. In the EfficientLine models, the compressor for the compressed-air supply is controlled as required (Air Pressure Management): The compressor is only activated when compressed air is used. This reduces the operating time by around 90 percent in comparison with a permanently running air compressor for long-haul driving.

The MAN on-board TeleMatics module is also standard in the TGX EfficientLine 2. The truck transmits its fuel consumption and maintenance data to the fleet manager using TeleMatics. The fleet manager is then able to monitor the fuel consumption of the vehicle and driver, and even the tyre pressures and the condition of the brakes for an entire fleet, on their data portal. This makes it possible to ensure that no unnecessary fuel is used. As part of the free MAN ServiceCare service, the MAN service workshop schedules maintenance appointments for its customers on request.

MAN customers can also order EfficientLine packages for other models, e.g. 2- and 3-axle TGS solo vehicles or for the TGS, and receive the core fuel-saving technologies at an attractive package price. EfficientLine packages are also available for the D38 top-of-the-range model.

The following features are combined in the EfficientLine 2 package: EfficientCruise, MAN TipMatic 2, Speed Shifting, Idle Speed Driving, Air Pressure Management, aeropackage, limit of 85 km/h, daytime driving lights, aluminium tanks for fuel and compressed air, and no spare wheel, sunblinds or compressed-air horns as they are no longer necessary.

Forward-looking EfficientCruise GPS cruise control

Huge fuel savings can be made by anticipating and making use of momentum and rolling phases – a challenge that is mastered perfectly by trained and experienced professionals at the wheel. To save the driver having to do this on long and unfamiliar routes, and to support less experienced drivers in driving efficiently, MAN offers a satellite-controlled cruise control system.

The assistant calculates uphill and downhill sections in advance using 3D map data stored on board and the GPS position of the vehicle. It automatically anticipates and controls the speed when driving on inclines and slopes in such a way that the momentum of the vehicle is used to save fuel. A fully loaded 40 ton truck saves up to six per cent in fuel with this system, without losing time on the road.

The assistant controls the speed in precisely the same way as a very well trained driver does, but does so automatically: It builds up momentum in a targeted manner before reaching inclines and carries this momentum into the next incline. The vehicle saves fuel on inclines as its speed is reduced slightly and it is able to reach the top of the incline at the minimum speed limit which has been set. On inclines, EfficientCruise prevents the MAN TipMatic 2 from shifting down if it is clear that the vehicle can reach the top in the current gear. This saves additional fuel.

EfficientCruise can even react further in advance than a trained driver, as the assistant can calculate the route and fuel injection several kilometres in advance during the day and at night.

With a desired speed and one of four possible speed tolerances both selected by the driver, EfficientCruise calculates the appropriate speed for the most fuel-efficient uphill and downhill driving. The driver can adjust the tolerance level for deviations from the set speed at any time to suit the driving scenario. Four field-tested levels clearly simplify the process of choosing the suitable setting for the driver. This is line with MAN's approach to provide the driver with useful default settings, enabling them to achieve optimum levels of consumption whilst avoiding driving errors.

EfficientRoll: Fuel reduction by coasting at idling speed

The MAN TGS and TGX trucks with TipMatic 2 also come with the EfficientRoll gearbox function. It saves fuel by making use of slight downhill gradients when coasting and is especially designed for slightly downhill stretches of motorways or highways.

The gearbox then automatically shifts into neutral and allows the vehicle to coast without the engine braking effect reducing the vehicle speed. This enables the vehicle to carry the momentum from gentle downhill sections into a following flat stretch or slight incline. If the truck accelerates beyond the prescribed or permitted speed while coasting, the MAN TipMatic 2 automatically re-engages the gear.

The new MAN EfficientLine 2 saves fuel thanks to features like EfficientCruise, TopTorque and TipMatic 2.

The new MAN EfficientLine 2 saves fuel thanks to features like EfficientCruise, TopTorque and TipMatic 2.

The new MAN EfficientLine 2 saves fuel thanks to features like EfficientCruise, TopTorque and TipMatic 2.

The new MAN EfficientLine 2 saves fuel thanks to features like EfficientCruise, TopTorque and TipMatic 2.

The new MAN EfficientLine 2 saves fuel thanks to features like EfficientCruise, TopTorque and TipMatic 2.

The new MAN EfficientLine 2 saves fuel thanks to features like EfficientCruise, TopTorque and TipMatic 2.

At IAA 2014, MAN is introducing the satellite-controlled EfficientCruise system, which predictively controls the speed when travelling uphill and downhill so that fuel savings of up to six percent can be achieved with a fully-laden 40-tonne truck.

The practical MAN TeleMatics app is now available for Android mobile phones and pads. The application, which was available for iPhone and iPad first, has been distinguished with the iF Communication Design Award for its good information design.