MAN Genuine Parts – Special offer

MAN Genuine Part – Special offer

Top quality at attractive prices

Those who drive a MAN truck or bus know they are choosing maximum quality. And spare parts should be no exception. MAN Genuine Parts comply with our strict quality standards and are therefore ideally suited your vehicle. It's the only way for you to drive safely, efficiently and with minimum wear. Why should you be satisfied with anything less?

MAN Genuine Parts are always the first choice. But excellent quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Take advantage of our special offer now and benefit from a clear price advantage, with the customary MAN Genuine quality. Take a look at our attractive prices and rotating special offers and judge for yourself.

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Promotional offer from April 1st to June 30th 2018

MAN Genuine Part – Special offer

Safety first – for us, safety is top priority in everything we do. Also, you should make no compromises when it comes to your own safety. This is why we offer you safety relevant parts in exceptional MAN quality you can always rely on: e.g. brake system components, seat belts, as well as warning and safety equipment. In addition, MAN Genuine Alternators and Starters ensure you can start off safely in all weathers.

Your MAN service outlet will be glad to tell you all about our current service range.

Why stop halfway?

Go all the way.
With MAN Genuine Parts kits.

What's the most expensive thing about a vehicle? When it's not working. To keep this time to a mini­mum or to avoid it altogether, you need the right strategy for maximum efficiency.

We're working on this - from every angle - and using networked intelligent services along with products that are perfectly coordinated with each other. An excellent example is MAN Genuine Parts kits. When repairs be­come necessary, it's usually a good idea to replace an entire unit. This includes the peripheral parts that need to be replaced at the same time.

The resulting cost may be high in the short term, but the extra parts would cost more if purchased separately, and in the long term, you can save significantly by preventing additional trips to the workshop. Using MAN Genuine Parts kits also shortens the time needed for repairs and optimizes the availability of spare parts.

The portfolio of MAN Genuine Parts kits currently includes 5 component groups, that make up a total package.

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An honorable agreement

Do not risk with your safety in braking! Find out about our new offers in genuine MAN brakes, in selected MAN authorized service partners around Greece. Attention: Limited time offer. Click on the button for more details.