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Björn Loose, Holger Mandel, Mattias Ekström, and Heinz-Jürgen Löw (from left to right) handing over the TGX D38

MAN TGX D38 for motor racing teams

Safe transportation: MAN trucks bring Mattias Ekström’s racing car to races

Race driver Mattias Ekström and his EKS Performance and Abt Sportsline teams received new MAN vehicles to transport their race cars last year: both teams were equipped with two MAN TGX D38 semitrailer tractors respectively.

EKS Performance AB is Mattias Ekström’s private rally cross team; the Swedish driver has been in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) since 2001. With his two DTM titles from 2004 and 2007, Ekström is among the world’s best touring-car race drivers. In addition, he is the most senior and successful Audi driver of the DTM.

Two MAN semitrailer tractors for EKS Performance AB

Two MAN semitrailer tractors for EKS Performance AB

MAN has been supporting EKS Performance AB since 2014 with semitrailer tractors for transporting race cars. MAN’s trucks bring the team’s race cars, mobile workshop, equipment, and mobile communications center to the race tracks.

In June 2015, Heinz-Jürgen Löw, Director of Sales & Marketing at MAN Truck & Bus AG, Björn Loose, Head of Marketing and Brand at MAN Truck & Bus, and Holger Mandel, Director at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland, handed over two TGX D38 to Mattias Ekström.

From left to right: Sascha Jennewein (Head of Experience Marketing, MAN), Edoardo Mortara (DTM Driver, Audi Sport), Dieter Gass (Head of DTM, Audi Sport), Björn Loose (Head of Marketing, MAN)

Audi Sport Relies on MAN Trucks

MAN has been in close partnership with Audi Sport for many years now. In 2016, the team received eight new MAN TGX semitrailer tractors, two of which were the MAN TGX D38, the flagship of the long-distance transport truck series.

Audi Sport transports its DTM and LMP racing cars for racing weekends across Europe using MAN trucks. Spare parts, mobile conference rooms, rooms for medical support and engineering are also transported on the European highways in this way.

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