MAN TGL on the building site


Common Rail for all

Tried-and-tested engine technology, well-engineered components and perfectly coordinated technologies: This is MAN's recipe for Euro 3, which is based on the company's high-torque six-cylinder engines. In order to achieve the extremely low emissions values, MAN uses the key Common Rail injection, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR). The result: MAN engines in Euro 3 set the standard when it comes to low fuel consumption. Thanks to its compact size, the exhaust silencer leaves sufficient free space for superstructures on the side of the chassis.

The silencer can be positioned to allow sufficient space for crane supports. To prevent dust particles from circulating when driving off-road, a version with elevated exhaust pipe is available for all series.

Power from four and six cylinders

The optimum torque curve of the modern Common Rail engines in Euro 3 allows you to drive economically and with the minimum number of gear shifts – regardless of your chosen engine. In the TGL series, the four cylinders are combined with a six-speed TipMatic®; a twelve-speed TipMatic® is used with the six-cylinder engines. Easy-to-operate manual gearboxes are also available with six and nine gears.

  Displacement Euro 3
D0834 CR 4.5 l  
110 kW (150 PS), 570 Nm   X
132 kW (180 PS), 700 Nm   X
D0836 CR 6.9 l  
176kW (240 PS), 925 Nm   X
D0834 CR

D0836 CR

Tried-and-tested technology for ultimate reliability.

MAN has incorporated its entire engineering expertise into the development of the Euro 3 engine to satisfy this demanding standard. MAN has already successfully been using the key Common Rail, exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR). These fully developed technologies were combined and optimally tuned to one another for Euro 3. The result: Euro 3 versions of MAN engines are among the most consumption-efficient units in the competitive market.

Gearbox – how efficiency gets into gear

For even more efficient driving, the MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic gearbox is available as an option. The gear shifting concept reduces fuel consumption and prevents damage to the powertrain. The MAN TipMatic® is offered as a twelve-speed version for six-cylinder engines. Easy-to-operate manual gearboxes are also available with nine gears. In all versions, the current gear is shown on the driver's display.

MAN TipMatic®

Moving efficiency up a gear. MAN TipMatic®

Efficiency is one of the major benefits of the MAN TipMatic® semi-automatic gearbox. Another is the high level of comfort. The MAN TipMatic® can be operated effortlessly, either fully automatically or manually using the touch-action lever on the steering wheel. The driver is not distracted and can fully concentrate on the road. If the engine brake is actuated, the gearbox selects the most appropriate gear automatically to provide full braking power – a clear advantage when it comes to safety. The MAN TipMatic® is also extremely economical, as it reduces fuel consumption and prevents damage to the powertrain.

Maximum stability, minimum weight

Frame design of the MAN TGL

The MAN TGL frame is designed for maximum stability and loading capacity while still being particularly lightweight. And of course every kilo of payload adds more value. The sophisticated frame concept with its even top frame edge makes it particularly easy to attach superstructures both quickly and cost-efficiently, without having to drill holes and compromise corrosion protection. MAN Tronic, the tried-and-tested electronics structure based on CAN bus technology, and the interface for external data exchange (KSM), also open up opportunities for a vast range of vehicle and superstructure functions.

What doesn't fit is made to fit

To guarantee the right frame length for any superstructure length, the TGL has a very clever solution: The variable rear frame end. The narrow hole pattern allows the frame overhang to be adjusted to the superstructure without the need for additional drilling. The end crossmember is bolted down, making repositioning easy.