3 MAN Trucks Cross Record Milestone-1 Million kms over 5 years with No Major Repairs

Saif Bin Darwish records minimal operating costs as a result of vehicle quality, genuine spare part durability and MAN ProfiDrive.

MAN Truck & Bus today announced that 3 MAN TGA 33.480 BBS WW belonging to Saif Bin Darwish Civil Engineering Contractors achieved a record milestone by crossing 1 million kilometers over 5 years with no history of any major repairs or overhauls. With 50% heavy duty off-road operation and an annual mileage of 200.000 km, the trucks perform immaculately in the tough environment of the UAE. The vehicles are part of a fleet of 750 MAN trucks operating for Saif Bin Darwish which has one of the biggest MAN fleets in UAE.

Reflecting the high maintenance standards set by the group’s truck maintenance department and the high quality standards of MAN products, the engine, axles and reduction hubs of the trucks have never been opened during their operating lifetime. In one vehicle the transmission has only been opened once during this period and only one synchromesh for a single gear was replaced. Therefore the robustness of the major components as well as the duration and competitively priced MAN Genuine Spare Parts result in overall low maintenance costs for the trucks.

According to R.D. Pepler, General Manager, Plant Division of Saif Bin Darwish Civil Engineering Contractors, “Reaching over 1 million kilometers with our MAN TGA trucks did not surprise us as we have been buying MAN since 30 years and have trusted in MAN quality ever since. However the excellent condition of the trucks is due to our MAN trained maintenance expertise and frequency.” He added: “Regular maintenance does not allow for any issues to be unresolved and the use of MAN Genuine Spare Parts guarantees for a long lifetime of major components. In our workshop, MAN trained mechanics and engineers maintain regular service intervals and their efficiency pays off with a fleet availability of 95%. I would like to acknowledge the entire workshop team responsible for this achievement in addition to our MAN trained drivers who continue to get the best out of the trucks.”

According Rudolf Wiegand, Vice President After Sales Middle East and Africa, MAN Truck & Bus, “ Low maintenance costs and no major repairs over 5 years lifetime of the trucks is a significant achievement and I commend the service team at Saif Bin Darwish for this. The result also reflects our core message of being – ‘CONSISTENTLY EFFICIENT’ with our world class, technologically innovative products. Our goal is the continuous reduction of vehicle operating costs. We will showcase our MAN After Sales Solutions at the Automechanika in Dubai next month and offer consultation about how to further decrease the operating costs and down times of vehicles. Success criteria such as reliability, ease of maintenance, value stability and fuel efficiency contribute to the consistent efficiency of MAN vehicles.”

One of the major factors which has led to this low operating cost has been the training provided to the drivers through MAN‘s ProfiDrive training. The ProfiDrive training consists of special training courses in which drivers can improve their practical driving skills and theoretical knowledge about their their vehicles. Generally, damages to clutch or brakes are caused by wrong operation. With a trained driver, such repair costs can be eliminated. MAN estimates have shown that ProfiDrive training can lead to a 20 % increase in fuel savings just by teaching the driver how to operate the vehicle correctly.