MAN ProfiDrive®

MAN ProfiDrive® driving safety training

Driving safety training course

Driving safety and emergency training courses and the teaching of theoretical, practical and legal principles to train the correct way to respond to critical driving situations.

MAN ProfiDrive® efficiency training courses

Efficiency training courses

Theoretical and practical exercises to optimise a safe and economic driving style. Individual advice on enhanced risk management in your company.

MAN ProfiDrive® special training courses

Special training courses

MAN ProfiDrive® special training courses make the difference – be it for off-road, heavy-goods transport or risk management.

MAN ProfiDrive® basic training courses

Basic training courses

Theoretical teaching of legal requirements, guidelines and general recommendations in the long-distance transport of goods and individual training in the vehicle itself.

MAN ProfiDrive® - Training courses from professionals for professionals

The commercial transport world is gaining in complexity. While good professional drivers used to be distinguished primarily by the fact that they drove their trucks in a safe and as economical manner as possible, today the focus is increasingly on customer requirements, legislation, guidelines and general knowledge of new vehicle technologies. All these factors are continuously redefining the professional everyday work of truck drivers, fleet operators, driving instructors and experts and regularly present them with new challenges.

MAN ProfiDrive® provides a qualified training system that focuses on the needs of the driver – while also taking account of the needs of business owners. The range of courses available covers both theoretical advanced training based on the law governing the qualification of professional drivers (BKrFQG) and professional and practical training to make everyday driving safer and more economic. What's more, all participants benefit from over 30 years of experience in teaching theoretical and practical knowledge of safety and economy in road transport.

MAN operator facilities

Vehicle instruction

Individual explanation and demonstration of the most important vehicle functions:

  • Familiarisation with vehicle technologies
  • Safe operation of all vehicle components

New vehicle technologies

Automotive engineering

In-depth course on technology and safety systems:

  • Presentation and explanation of new technical features
  • Basics of technology refresher
  • Correct operation of technology in the vehicle
  • Economic driving (theory)

MAN ProfiDrive® trucks

Corporate responsibility

  • Basic behaviours which help promote a positive image of the company
  • Raising awareness of the risks of road transport
  • The risks of international crime and carriage of illegal immigrants

Personal training for drivers

Personal training

  • Shadowing the driver in practical work
  • Individual training for every purpose

Economic driving style

Economy training course

Theoretical and practical training for increased efficiency in road transport:

  • Physical principles of economic driving
  • Exercises to optimise a safe and economic driving style

MAN Connected CoDriver adviser

Connected CoDriver

Driver support (3 months or 1 month) via MAN TeleMatics® (Individual periods available on request):

  • Phone-based driver support
  • Individual training for every driver, every vehicle and every trip

Driving safety training course

Driving safety training course

Avoiding and handling critical driving situations:

  • Teaching of driving forces, familiarisation with assistance systems
  • Practical exercises in critical driving situations, such as braking on corners, avoiding sudden obstacles, braking when travelling downhill and on slippery roads

Off-road training course with the MAN ProfiDrive® truck

Off-road training course

Economic and low-wear driving on difficult terrain:

  • Teaching of driving forces and peculiarities of the terrain
  • Explanation of the special vehicle functions
  • Economic off-road driving

Intensive training course

Intensive training course

Train-the-trainer principle

Subject areas: Economy and automotive engineering

  • Training lasting several days to supplement existing knowledge of vehicle technology and economy
  • Exercises to optimise a safe and economic driving style

Subject area: Telematics

  • Training lasting several days on the topic of usage analysis of MAN TeleMatics®
  • Exercises to optimise a safe and economic driving style
  • Recognising and understanding how usage data is depicted in the usage analysis