MAN Truck & Bus Hands Over 13 Prime Movers to Taipanco

MAN TGS WW Fleet to Help Taipanco Provide Efficient and Reliable Container Transportation Services

Jee Chau Hau, Chairman of Taipanco Sdn Bhd (left) receives a mock key from Jerome Wong, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd at the handover ceremony of the new MAN TGS prime movers.

MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN) has handed over 13 MAN TG WW series trucks to Taipanco Sdn Bhd (Taipanco), a leader in the local haulage industry, making up a total of 43 MAN TGS 28.440, 6 x 2 prime movers in Taipanco’s fleet since 2016.

The new trucks will help Taipanco, whose core business is in container transportation, to provide efficient and reliable services to move containers for its clients. Based in Port Klang, Taipanco is one of the largest container transportation operator servicing Northport and Westport.

With its unrivalled, versatile wheel and drive formulae, the MAN TGS WW prime movers deliver the load to its destination safely and on time, even if the destination is off the beaten track.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Dato’ Nazari Hj. Akhar, Executive Director of Taipanco Sdn Bhd said, “MAN TGS prime movers have a lot to offer in terms of loading capacity and payload. It is easy to handle, with great maneuverability and meets all our requirements for comfort, economy and dynamics. It is the perfect solution for a reliable and cost-effective working vehicle”.

The MAN TGS WW’s powerful Euro 3 engines with common rail fuel system supply the dynamics to get that power on the road. With a twin countershaft gearbox which is lighter and stronger, a reputable axle reliability and a comfortable cabin interior, the MAN prime mover offers better fuel consumption and is a practical vehicle for long haul transportation.

Jerome Wong, General Manager Sales & Marketing of MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd said "A key objective of MAN is to supply robust and fuel-efficient vehicles that significantly lower total cost of ownership for our customers and we are delighted that Taipanco has once again invested their confidence in our trucks to be able to help them achieve this, while delivering superior quality and reliability”.

The new MAN TGS 28.440, 6 x 2 prime movers at Taipanco’s headquarters in Port Klang.