Technology & competence

MAN AttentionGuard – the concentration assistant for your truck

The MAN AttentionGuard detects the first signs that the driver’s concentration is dipping and warns them of this. For maximum safety on the roads.

On monotonous journeys on motorways and highways, it can be that drivers become tired and their concentration dips. This considerably increases the risk of accidents.

Increasing active safety

The MAN AttentionGuard concentration assistant detects noticeable changes in steering behaviour early on and warns the driver before the situation becomes dangerous. The warning is given via an optical and an acoustic signal. This prevents accidents in a proactive manner.

Function and operation

From a speed of 60 km/h, the MAN AttentionGuard continuously assesses driving parameters such as steering behaviour or lane discipline and thus draws reliable conclusions as to the driver’s concentration. In order to do this, the truck must be fitted with the Lane Guard System (LGS), a safety system which monitors whether correct lane discipline is observed.

As soon as the MAN AttentionGuard registers the first signs that the driver is lacking in concentration or overtired, the message ‘Drive carefully!’ appears in the display. This is accompanied by an acoustic signal which sounds once over the loudspeaker in the driver’s workplace. The warnings then disappear automatically without the need for confirmation.

The MAN AttentionGuard is always switched on when the engine starts up, like the LGS lane assistant. It is also guaranteed to work at night.