MAN Genuine Accessories

MAN Genuine Accessories – adapters, charging trays and décors for your vehicle

MAN Genuine Accessories – because comfort is more than just comfort.

Customise your MAN truck to make it stand out!

As someone who drives a MAN vehicle, you are more than accustomed to their grand appearance. So you shouldn’t think small when it comes to installing additional technical additional such as a Bluetooth adapter to enable you to use a mobile phone as a hands-free system. And definitely not when it comes to the individual design of your truck. Opt for MAN Genuine Accessories and enjoy even greater comfort on the road in future. This is the only way to benefit from top quality and optimum functionality.

Bluetooth adapters and charging trays for mobile phones

Bluetooth technology provides a wireless interface between your MAN truck and a mobile device. Installing an adapter or charging tray enables you to use selected mobile phone functions while driving, charge the battery and remain contactable at all times.

The benefits:
Using your mobile phone as a hands-free system or navigation device increases safety on the road. It also increases the flexibility of your vehicle if there are frequent driver changes, for example in distribution transport or rental vehicles.

Two year warranty for MAN service and parts

2 year warranty for MAN service and parts

From 2017, MAN Truck & Bus SE’s 2 year warranty applies to all repairs carried out1 in MAN service outlets,2 and includes original MAN parts installed during repairs, original MAN ecoline parts and original MAN accessories. The service level is identical to the previously existing one year warranty that has been applicable until now. Additional information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

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1 See validity of the General Terms and Conditions.
2 MAN-specific service partners and participating partners.

MAN Camera Systems: A new benchmark for safety

Retrofit now and take safety to the next level!

Put an end to safety risks caused by blind spots and non-visible areas: Our innovative MAN camera systems reliably monitor the traffic situation all around your vehicle - whether you’re making a turn or changing lanes, reversing, or manoeuvring your vehicle in tight spaces.

Visit the MAN AfterSales Portal and find out more about the retrofit camera systems

MAN Genuine Décor Set

The MAN Genuine Décor Set lets you customise your vehicle. Give your MAN a very personal touch with a perfect setup. Make your vehicle a real eye-catcher!

The Décor Sets are available for the MAN TGA, MAN TGX and MAN TGS series as three separate options, all designed to let you express your own personality. Decide whether you want to enhance the exterior of your truck with a fiery dragon, the king of the road or a tribal pattern.

  • For the driver and passenger side
  • Suitable for all vehicle colours
  • Last for at least 8 years
  • Colour-fast and wash resistant
  • Removable after use

Lion décor

Lion décor

Dragon décor

Dragon décor

Grid décor

Grid décor