MAN TG vehicles – Night-time drive

All Costs at a Glance.

Effectively reduce your TCO. With MAN.

Reduce your total cost of ownership with MAN.

The price of purchasing new vehicles and the fuel they use are just two variables in your overall fleet costs. Monitoring subsequent costs is just as important if you want to avoid financial traps and other nasty surprises from the outset. The best possible maintenance, carefully tuned and reliable vehicle technology, professionally trained staff and optimised fleet management ensure that your company posts the right balance – and goes on doing so.

MAN products and services help you keep your overall running costs under control at all times. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has become a key variable in keeping ahead of your rivals. We can offer you and your drivers outstanding technology as well as the best service and financing offers, driver training and MAN TeleMatics®, which allows you to calculate your costs predictively. Keep an eye on all your costs – with MAN.

MAN TGX EfficientLine3 – MAN’s fuel-saving wonder


Efficiency in motion – MAN trucks.

Innovative technology – MAN’s efficiency systems

Innovative technology for the utmost efficiency

Benefit from MAN's fuel-saving technologies and measures

Discover MAN’s innovative efficiency systems which make driving especially comfortable and easy, while protecting the environment and cutting fuel usage by promoting economical driving.

MAN EfficientCruise®with MAN EfficientRoll

MAN TipMatic®

MAN Connected CoDriver – The coach in your cab


Your biggest asset: your staff.

MAN ProfiDrive® – Slippery surface

MAN ProfiDrive®

Training you for the future.

Your workforce is your greatest asset. By providing intensive training and coaching, we can prepare your drivers perfectly for their work. Whether they need to be trained for driving efficiently, safely or off-road, MAN ProfiDrive® offers the right course.

MAN ProfiDrive® economy training

MAN ProfiDrive® economy training

Efficiency training – theory and practice

A fleet’s fuel consumption is a significant cost factor. During this three-day intensive training course with a focus on economy, fleet operators will learn how to increase efficiency on the road. They can then pass on this knowledge to their employees in a targeted manner. With MAN ProfiDrive® economy training, you can discover what maximum efficiency is.

MAN Connected CoDriver

MAN Connected CoDriver

Become a fuel-saving expert

Driver and vehicle data, and route profiles are sent to MAN ProfiDrive® over a defined time period. Experienced MAN trainers can then use this information to provide individual tips on how to use the MAN assistance systems installed on board. For a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 10% and lower overall operating costs.

MAN ProfiDrive® – tips & tricks

MAN ProfiDrive® – tips & tricks

Discover efficiency

In the following video, MAN ProfiDrive® trainer Thorsten Helbig shows you some handy tips and tricks on how to get the best from your MAN safety and assistance systems. All systems are synchronised in such a way as to enable the most economical driving possible. MAN ProfiDrive® – trust the professionals!

MAN Services – Our best services and products


Working for you: MAN’s services and products.

MAN ServiceContracts – Maintenance and repair contracts

MAN ServiceCare® and MAN ServiceContracts

Make space for essential work.

Our proactive MAN ServiceCare® maintenance management service gives you back the time you used to lose by planning and performing your own maintenance work. Combined with customised contractual solutions from MAN ServiceContracts, we can help ensure your vehicles are always on the road.

See MAN ServiceCare®

See MAN ServiceContracts

MAN Genuine Oils – For engines, gearboxes and axles

MAN Genuine Oil

Less friction, more efficiency.

Millions of test miles have led us to the best oil for your MAN. It protects your truck’s engine, gearbox and axles against wear and ensures that every component lasts as long as possible. MAN Genuine Oil’s special properties ensure that your vehicle stays smoothly on the road.