MAN CLA on the building site

Six-cylinder engine in Euro 2 or Euro 3 standard

Powerful engines with proven MAN technology

The MAN CLA is fitted with a six-cylinder 220-HP, 230-HP, 280-HP or 300-HP in-line engine. Vehicles with a 220-HP or a 230-HP engine have a six-gear overdrive gearbox. Vehicles with a 280-HP or a 300-HP engine have a nine-gear overdrive gearbox. The proven MAN D08 engine series has been tested under everyday conditions and boasts high-performance powertrains designed for all vehicles and working conditions up to a reliable gross combined weight of 49 tonnes.

  Capacity Euro 2 Euro 3 Euro 4
LFL 10
162 kW/ 220 HP 6.9 l X    
LFL 19
169 kW/ 230 HP 6.9 l   X  
LFL 13
206 kW/ 280 HP 6.9 l   X  
LF 21
187 kW/ 255 HP 6.9 l     X
LF 20
221 kW/ 300 HP 6.9 l     X

MAN CLA chassis

Robust chassis

The MAN CLA is built on an extremely robust chassis with 20-inch or 22.5-inch tyres and has been specially adapted to the typical road conditions and loading conditions of the countries in which it is intended to be used.

The leaf-sprung front axle has a country-specific load capacity of up to 7.5 tonnes.

The rear axles – either planetary or hypoid axles – are also leaf-sprung and have a load capacity of up to 13 tons, depending on the model.

The extremely strong structure of the chassis and its good body-mounting abilities provide a high payload. This chassis impresses with a high level of driving comfort in all situations.

MAN EVB (exhaust valve brake) engine braking system

With a braking power of up to 180 kW in the D0836, the MAN EVB (exhaust valve brake) engine brake enables powerful, wear-free braking and controlled downhill driving at high speeds.

The engine brake increases engine braking power by briefly opening the exhaust valve.