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Amnesty program helps clarify allegations

Immediately after suspicions of corrupt practices emerged, MAN initiated an internal inquiry in May 2009, calling on employees to take part in clarifying such suspicions in an amnesty program.

In view of the numerous leads provided, the amnesty program has become an important factor in clarifying the corruption allegations. This ongoing internal inquiry has shown that in a large majority of cases, those participating in the amnesty program have not been involved in irregular conduct of any relevance. Employees will be receiving written information on this in the course of this week, which will clarify the situation for members of staff and the company.

The findings arising from these internal investigations have resulted in personal consequences for several employees. The sales management at MAN Nutzfahrzeuge has already been replaced as of October 1. In addition, Sabine Drzisga, the Executive Board member at MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG responsible for Controlling, Legal Affairs and Purchasing, has been put on leave. Until further notice, responsibility for these areas is to be taken over by Executive Board Chairman Anton Weinmann.