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Anglo-Eastern Signs Premium Turbocharger Maintenance Contract

Pictured at the contract signing (from left) Peter Dittrich – Head of Contract Management – MAN | PrimeServ Turbocharger, Ivan Blazina – Group Purchasing Director – Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd., Jesper Bak Weller – Global Key Account Director – MAN | PrimeServ, Thorsten Lehmann – Vice President – MAN | PrimeServ Turbocharger

MAN PrimeServ Turbocharger, of MAN Diesel & Turbo’s service division, recently signed a Premium Turbocharger Maintenance Contract with Anglo-Eastern Ship Management.

The contract covers approximately 330 turbochargers installed aboard various vessels from the Anglo-Eastern fleet operating worldwide. The turbocharger types covered by the contract are essentially a mixture of NA/TCA axial types for main engines, and NR/TCR radial types for auxiliary engines.

PrimeServ reports that a key influence in negotiations was the good fit between the global nature of Anglo-Eastern’s trading routes and PrimeServ’s global network of service centres. Under the terms of the agreement, PrimeServ will provide all relevant services complete maintenance package.

The new agreement represents the first time Anglo-Eastern has employed PrimeServ to handle its turbocharger service programme. Accordingly, MAN PrimeServ Turbocharger – in coordination with the MAN PrimeServ network – will coordinate and plan all upcoming scheduled maintenance intervals for Anglo-Eastern’s turbochargers, including the timely delivery of necessary spare parts.

Premium Maintenance Contracts

With a Premium Maintenance Contract, MAN Diesel & Turbo handles all scheduled maintenance planning for the customer six to seven months prior to an upcoming turbocharger service. The customer simply confirms the upcoming service by email. Such contracts entail several, other benefits:

  • timely spare-parts planning that enables higher price flexibility
  • MAN PrimeServ Turbocharger monitors and administrates upcoming maintenance intervals
  • fixed prices for turbocharger services and spare parts
  • turbocharger operational data constantly updated including the complete maintenance history
  • open access to maintenance documentation, electronic spare-parts catalogues and service reports through PrimeServ’s customer intranet.

About Anglo-Eastern

Established in 1974, Anglo-Eastern offers technical services to third parties around the globe serving all types and sizes of ships and is experienced in ship management, crew management, the education and training of seafarers, new building consultancy, dry-docking, IT solutions and insurance services. It offers its services around the globe, supported by 22 offices in 14 countries with a head office in Hong Kong. Anglo-Eastern has currently over 470 ships in full technical management with over 21,000 seafarers in the pool.