BVB celebrates winning the title on the MAN champion mobile

Team travels through Dortmund with convertible truck again

MAN’s champion mobile is back in Dortmund. The 2012 championship celebrations on Sunday will see the unique convertible truck go into action for a second time, one year after Borussia Dortmund (BVB) celebrated its 2011 championship win on it. The truck has been standing in the MAN Truck Modification Center in Wittlich (North Rhine-Westphalia) for 12 months, waiting for its comeback. Once it was clear that BVB would be securing the 2012 title, employees set about polishing the vehicle up for the celebrations in Dortmund on May 13. The axles have been optimized and the structure extended to provide even more space for lively partying. The unique champion mobile was then taken to Dortmund on Monday night using a heavy-duty truck, where the words “German Champion 2012” were emblazoned across it before it was handed over to the club on Wednesday.

The MAN champion mobile – which is based on an MAN TGX truck – was especially customized for German soccer champion Borussia Dortmund by MAN engineers last year. Modifications to the truck boasting 400 horsepower for the 2011 championship celebrations included removal of the roof on the driver’s cab to enable the BVB players to party under the open sky. The MAN specialists also installed a platform with railings and fitted a special roof construction, making room for 60 people and in doing so providing a lot of space for the players, the coaches, and the support staff to hold the shield up high.

The MAN Group has been a partner of Borussia Dortmund since the 2010/2011 Bundesliga season and provides the team with an MAN Lion’s Coach. The team coach has a horsepower of 480 and a total of 32 fine leather seats spread along 13.8 m which offer the players lots of legroom. Nine table surfaces and leg rests are electronically adjustable, providing the highest possible comfort. Modern kitchen appliances like a microwave, a hot beverage machine, an ice cube maker and a high-quality coffee machine enable preparation of food and drink. Four refrigerators ensure that refreshments are well chilled.

Four 19-inch screens connected to a satellite TV and DVD system as well as a multichannel sound system in each passenger seat mean that players can either watch movies to relax or get into the right mood for the game. A video presentation can be fed into the system from the coach’s seat, enabling coach Jürgen Klopp to give his team last-minute tactical instructions. The vehicle is equipped with wireless LAN and 230-volt outlets in each seat, enabling each player to use his own laptop to unwind.