Efficient MAN commercial vehicles at the IAA 2012

MAN to present customer-driven transportation solutions – new Euro 6 emission standard with no increased consumption

  • New TG range: fewer emissions while fuel consumption remains the same
  • EfficientLine coach saves up to 12 tons of CO2 per year
  • MAN to showcase emission-free electric truck for city centers
  • Pioneering, aerodynamically-optimized Concept S semitrailer tractor with 25% less fuel consumption

The world’s largest automotive exhibition of its kind, the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012 in Hanover, will revolve around the introduction of the future Euro 6 emission standard. This means that the new MAN vehicles will be virtually free of pollutants on the roads but will nevertheless use no more fuel than their particularly economical Euro 5 predecessors. MAN has also been able to reduce the fuel consumption of its city buses even further. The Euro 6 technology will also be presented for natural gas and biogas buses at the IAA for the first time.

From January 1, 2014, all new trucks and buses registered in Europe must fulfill the Euro 6 emission standard. Compared with Euro 5, nitrogen oxide has to be cut by 80 percent to 0.4 g/kWh and particle mass has to be reduced by over 90 percent. The new TG trucks with Euro 6 enables MAN to offer its customers an even bigger advantage over its competitors when it comes to load capacity. Furthermore, the interior of the vehicles in the light and medium truck series has been completely revamped to boost comfort, safety, and effectiveness.

Cost-effectiveness is also at the center of the MAN Lion’s Coach EfficientLine, which continues the successful concept of the MAN TGX EfficientLine truck. More than 11,000 of these long-haul trucks were sold in 20 months. The reduction in fuel consumption by around three liters or up to ten percent with the full range of features is particularly appealing to customers. Every TGX EfficientLine that replaces a conventional long-haul truck saves up to 4,500 liters of diesel or 12 tons of CO2 per year.

Similarly, the MAN Lion’s Coach EfficientLine enables the Company to offer a bus model that ideally combines all the key factors in terms of technology, driver information, instruction, and training, as well as selected services. Comparative test drives for typical coach use have proven the effectiveness of the entire package – the potential for saving fuel is roughly on a par with that of the MAN TGX EfficientLine. This results in a very low total cost of ownership per kilometer and thus also low CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer: At around 12 grams per passenger kilometer at full capacity or around 23 grams at 50% capacity, the coach is by far the means of transportation with the most favorable CO2 value per head.

MAN is also presenting a fresh look to the outside world: the front of the MAN trucks and buses are now even more striking with a new product logo featuring the lion that embodies the tradition and performance of the brand.

A new premium vehicle will also be making its debut on the market in the form of MAN’s new NEOPLAN Jetliner, which is ideal for both scheduled services and for use as a coach. It combines the genuine comfort of a coach with more luggage space, enabling it to be used as a dual earner throughout the entire week.

MAN’s Metropolis now also makes traveling in the city center electrically with a heavy truck possible. The hybrid research vehicle carries out heavy transportation duties in the city free of emissions and particularly quietly. Using renewably produced electricity from electrical outlets, the MAN Metropolis can cover routes without emitting any CO2. The modular lithium-ion battery can be charged simply and easily at an electrical outlet thanks to its plug-in function. An efficient and quiet passenger car diesel engine from the Volkswagen Group ensures that electricity can be generated on board if required and guarantees the reach of the heavy truck. The birdview system with camera images around the vehicle is also unique and offers a particularly high level of safety.

In order to investigate the vehicle concept suitability in everyday life and the cost-effective feasibility, MAN has chosen one of the hardest uses for a heavy truck in an urban environment: the Metropolis is being used as a refuse collection vehicle by the international environmental service provider SUEZ Environment in the Antwerp-Brussels region for around two years.

Another special innovation from MAN is the Concept S truck study which enables the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of a diesel truck to be cut by 25 percent while loading capacity stays the same. The concept for semitrailer tractors is primarily in improving the aerodynamics of the entire tractor-trailer combination by harmonizing the design of the tractor and the trailer and through high-tech measures that further cut fuel consumption, such as powering auxiliary systems electrically. The Concept S will presented in this complete combination for the first time at the IAA.